Chapter 50 ~ Final Chapter

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Adios Mexico, adios Guadalajara, adios Jorge

"Ladies and gentleman, the flight from Guadalajara too Buenos Aires is leaving about 10 minutes, I repeat, the flight from Guadalajara too Buenos Aires is leaving about 10 minutes" Said the typical 'air voice' as I sigh

I look at my suitcase and listening too the sound of the little weels under my and my mums suitcase, then I look back at my mum who is walking in front of me... I look around me, so many people! It's so weird that everyone's different! What also means that there isn't a Jorge number two...

Jorge is weird. He has a lot of mood swings, one moment he is like 'I'm so worried about everything' and before you know he is in his 'I don't care about anything' mood! And one moment he runs after you and the other moment he lets you go...

Did he accually loves me?
Cuz if he did, he was here to say goodbye...

"Martina?" I heard Jorge saying as I turned around, but I didn't see him...

Stupid Imagination.

"You coming?" Mom asks as I nodd and slowly turn around

"Martina?!" I hear him again!

Just walk further

I hold in my breath as I felt a hand on my shoulder I close my eyes tight and turn slowly around, carefully opening one of my eyes

"Jorge?" I ask is disbelieve

"You didn't think I would leave you without saying goodbye, did you?" He ask with a little smile as I embraced him

"But I thought-" I said coming out of the hug

"You would never see me again? I'm sorry for you, but here I am!" He said laughing as I smile too him

"You know for a minute I thought you didn't love me" I said

"But you were wrong" He said

"Yeah and I'm really happy about that!" I said hugging him tight again and letting him go

"I know, right? He said winking what made me blush for some reason

"Martina are you co-" Mom began till she saw Jorge and just nodded and shows three fingers what means three minutes and walks away

"So this are our last minutes together..." I said looking down

"No" He said "I'll come too you" He said lifting my chin "this is a see you soon, not a goodbye"

"You're right" I said at the edge of crying

"Don't cry" He said wiping a tear away which rolled over my cheek, I nodded and tried to stop, but no luck... I only cried harder and hugged him again, not wanting to let him go... He hold me close as I burried my head into his chest "I love you" He whispers

"I love you too" I whisper back

I look back at my mom who also has tears in her eyes, Jorge took my hand and looked into my eyes

"See you soon Jorge" I said

"See you soon Martina" He said as I came closer and carefully place my lips on his, but not for long...

I slowly left the grib on his hand and walk away... Tears streaming down my face. I look behind me once again and saw him looking at me, deep in thoughs... Crying, just like me... I came by my mum and we walked too the plane after putting our suitcases on the treadmill, I look at the building next to it and then the huge windows and see him, for the last time, he waved at me and I waved back... My mum lied her hand on my shoulder and showed me we have to get in... I slowly walked in and sat town on one of the blue confortable seats next too a window, so I still could see him on this way, but he couldn't see me...
Slowly the plane moved and I feel me terrible after every meter we fly away... Now I couldn't see him anymore, I only saw the building, becoming more little, I ly my head on moms shoulder and cry

Jorge, I'll never forget you

This is the end of the story
Sorry for the sad ending ♡
Would you please write ur opinion? And sorry for the bad airport details, I've never been in a plane before :)

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