Night terrors

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You were running for your life. Ripped clothes, smell of dirt and stale blood on your skin. He was getting there pretty quick. "(Y/N ! Come here! I just want to bash your head in!" The voice was getting closer and the lights were getting dimmer. "Leave me alone!" You screamed desperately, running out of breath. As you were running you looked back to see if anyone was there. No one. You didn't stop running that's for sure. All of a sudden you knocked into something hard. Falling on your back from the hard blow, there stood the hedgehog of your nightmare. EXE. EXE had a menacingly evil glare in smile. "(Y/N it's okay sweetie, it's me. Sonic." He was lying and trying to manipulate you. "No. You're not my sonic." Your voice deeper than normal. "I like that. I love how your voice changes when you talk to me." EXE says as his claws come out from behind his back. "Oh come on! I just wanna, rip your body to shreds." Am evil laugh was added to the end of it.

While in the meantime you were tossing and turning in your sleep. Moaning and groaning. Sonic woke up worried. "(Y/N)?" He whispers to you.

"SONIC DONT!" You shout scooting away. "Don't call me sonic!" He shouts and just as he pounced on you, you wake up. Your body sweaty , and your lunges gasping for air. "S-sonic!?" You shout not realizing he is there. "(Y/N) ! It's alright, calm down! I'm right here." His voice calm as he rubs your arm. "Was it a nightmare ?" He asks, pushing back down on the bed slowly and softly. "Yes." You gulp. "Do you want to talk about it?" Sonic asks, obviously worried and sad. His smile a frown now. You shake your head no and just wrap your arms around his torso. "Just hold me.." You mumble out. A few sniffles escaping. "Of course (Y/N)." Sonics smile returns as he cuddles and hold you. Hours went by, and you had fallen asleep. Sonic has awoken, his body twitching. As slowly and calmly as he could, he got out of bed and stood in the corner of the room, fighting off EXE. Sonic was no match and lost control. EXE was now in full control.

He stares you down in your sleep. Thinking about how beautiful your insides would look spilled everywhere. But. On another side of EXE, he just wanted your body as a host. His new queen. He lays down on sonics side of the bed. Waiting for you to roll over so he could "cuddle." You. You never rolled over as the sun was coming up. He cursed to himself. He had to let sonic back in the daytime. He let sonic come back but after telling something to him he wished he never spoke about. Sonic was back. He looked around, staring at you now. "(Y/N) I love you so much.." He cries, quietly giving you a bunch of kisses on your cheek and forehead. You smile in your sleep, waking up to his kisses. He quickly wipes away the tears and looks away to breath. "Morning Sonic." You say happily. "Morning (Y/N)" is all he says getting up. What he didn't realize what EXE had done was rip sonics shirt off leaving him in just his boxers. Sadly, he couldn't hide his morning wood. You blushes at how big he really was. "Uh. Sonic?" You ask pinging down there. He looks down confused then blushes madly. Tripping on the floor to find some pants.

Hey guys! I am so sorry I haven't been on in so long! School once again messed me up, and having my phone taken away doesn't help either! I will be posting here and there this week, depending on how much time I have! I really missed you guys 😊😭. Well, I hope you guys liked this one, comment, like! I love you guys so much 💋❤

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