♪ Chapter 1

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C H A P T E R 1

I couldn't wait to get to camp. All way through detention the only thing I could think of was camp. Yet even though I couldn't wait to get there, I was going to miss the one friend I was leaving behind. Unfortunately, he's more of the sporty type than the musical type.


"Miss Riley!"

My elbows slipped from under me, and my head crashed into the desk

"I didn't do it!"

I opened my eyes, to see my nose smudged into the table right in middle of some name with a heart around it. I heart Jack. Cute.

The class erupted into laughter as I rubbed my eyes, and attempted to wake myself up. Biology sucked. It was that subject where you had to sit in really uncomfortable chairs, and extremely high desks, plus you had that teacher who droned on and on, and you end up zoning out and thinking about anything but the actual class. But suddenly you realize that you aren't listening, and try your hardest to concentrate, but you end up trying so hard to actually concentrate that you end up not concentrating anyway.

So I sort of gave up on that usual routine and fell asleep. I copied the notes off Melissa during lunch anyway. Not that I even needed to do that today. It was more detention than anything else. The school just liked to add the shittest subjects to annoy all the students and punish them for messing up.

"The answer to the question Riley." Mr Kevin's pushed. I internally groaned. Why could he not ask someone who was actually paying attention and would know the answer of the question to save himself getting so pissed off?

"Question? Oh yeah that question. Well..." I thought for a moment, I had to choose between having a sensible answer, or a snarky remark. And at that moment neither of those were coming into my head. I can't come up with a comeback on the spot okay! "Damn I got nothing."

I could see Melissa face palming herself at the front of the classroom, while Jack snickered.

Mr Kevins sighed. "Do you even know what class you are in Miss Riley?" He mused, trying to sound like smart ass. I was overly tempted to stand up and shout 'don't sass me sassy!' but I controlled myself and played dumb.

"That sir I do! I am in history!" I fist bumped the air and gestured for an applause from the class. My classmates rather stared at me, except for two random people to my left who clapped slowly. I glared at the class, "You all suck. I'm just gonna go sit over there-" I attempted to stand up and make my way over to the two nice people who had applauded me.

"Sit down Riley!" Mr Kevin's snapped, his face going redder by the second. "Maybe if you stopped acting like the class clown for once, you might actually get some work done!"

Eh mister? Number one: I am probably the smartest person in this room besides Melissa. Number 2: My work is always done. But it's detention so technically it isn't proper work. And number three... "Um sir? I don't need to act." I announced in a duh tone.

The class chuckled again. They were at the edge of their seats, begging for drama. I couldn't blame them either. It was the very last day of detention. And I know what you're thinking, weren't you already finished? Keara threw an end of the year party for god sake!

Well no man, no we weren't. Unlike most other schools, the rebels of the school finished on a Monday. The school put anyone who misbehaved during the last week of school into this Monday detention. We basically just got an extra day of school. It sucked. No wonder why Mr Kevin's was so pissed off, it was pointless doing work anyway.

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