Chapter 56

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You think you want to know it all, so I'll tell it to you. All of it, every last bloody detail and then you Can know for sure that you should never have asked about any of it." He lit a cigarette just to get under her skin in hopes that she might throw a little fit and forget her desire to know the truth. Instead she sat on the couch with her arms folded and waited patiently for him to speak again. He took a long drag from his smoke and then promptly put it out on the bottom of his shoe. She wasn't taking the bait, and there was no use stinking up the sweet smelling apartment. "I've got to start at the beginning so just bear with me a little bit yeah?"

It was obvious in the way she nodded her head and rolled her eyes that she was on to his attempts to stall for time, but she again did not take the bait and simply waited for him to begin.

He sighed heavily and told the story as best he could.

"Well. I've been working for the Turks, they run heroin throughout the city, and they've got Tottenham all sewn up, which you may or may not know, anyway, I work for a bloke named Mark Tomlinson, who owns a pawn shop just down the road from here, which is where I was coming from that day I ran you down in the street." He glanced at her and saw her smiling a little smile at the thought of that moment, and couldn't help wondering how she could do anything but regret having him in her life...and hoping that knowing the truth wouldn't make her do exactly that. "I met Liam Payne for the first time that morning too, he and I were volatile from the start - he assumed I was a bum begging for change outside of the shop, and I didn't take too kindly to his charity at all. So I shoved the money he tried to give me into his mouth, and we got into a scuffle until Mark showed up and ushered Liam into the building before giving me the run around about work and sending me on my way. Only I didn't go on my way like I should have; I scaled up the side of the building to where I could get a good vantage point and maybe do a little bit of eavesdropping."

He rubbed his hands together and shifted in his seat, and looked over at her as she looked at him and listened to all he said. He had her undivided attention, and he didn't know how to feel about it; honesty was difficult enough without a woman like her sitting there looking at him like every word he said was the most important sound ever uttered.

It made him nervous; it made him want to say everything, things that had nothing to do with the situation at hand - things about feelings and the past and hopes he had for the future.

It was dangerous.

"What did you hear?"

She asked and he sighed, collecting himself to go on explaining without saying too much.

"The Turks are not happy with Payne, he's come in to Tottenham with a better product and a better distribution network, took some of their men on as dealers, set up shop in their territory all without a word to them and no intention of sharing any of it, but rather he wants to take more. He offered to take them on, add them to his operation as workers but they were not even willing to entertain that idea,"

"It's insulting."

She stated with a scoff, as though anyone with a brain or even minute knowledge of the game would have known better than to even suggest a thing - as if she found it stupid. And Harry was so unprepared to see this sort of reaction from her that his brow furrowed and jaw slacked a little in response. He couldn't believe it, and couldn't do anything but respect it.

"Exactly. That's what Tomlinson told him." He spoke slowly, looking at her as though seeing her with brand new eyes. "Anyway...Liam refused to go, no deal was made no compromise established and ever since then the Turks have been biding their time, waiting for Tomlinson to say the word and let them go to war. And all Tomlinson has been waiting for to do that, is this."

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