I ran, I couldn't allow her to escape because she had broken my number one rule. My bare feet were scraped and bleeding from running on countless stones and thorns. I had to run faster. One second, two seconds, time was moving too slowly for me. It wasn’t working to my advantage. I could see her in the dark and could hear her gasp for air while she ran. She would pay for her crime and I would make sure of it. Everyone followed my rules, everyone!

My lungs expanded as I took a deep breath of my own. I sprinted forward in the cold night air, pushing myself to go faster. I had to reach her before she managed to get to the main road. If she did, it would be too late and she would escape. Branches of nearby trees clawed my chilled face, leaving bloody scratches in their wake.

They were nothing compared to what I would do to her, once I finally caught up to her. The trees surrounding us would soon be a silent witness of what was to come. I finally was within reaching distance of the little tramp. Everything that was about to happen was her fault.

She made me do this. I had warned her just the other day not to talk to him. I asked her in my sweetest voice to stay the fuck away from him, but she ignored my simple request.

Anything that was going to happen to her would be her own doing. I reached out with my slender fingers and grabbed her by the long brown braid that hung down her back. My hard yank sent her falling to the ground. I kneeled down beside her and looked at her with an evil grin.

"Please...I'm sorry...please," she squeaked out between breaths. "I...didn't...mean to."

"It's too late for begging now." I sneered. "You broke the rules, so you have to die." I pulled out the curved blade. The moonlight danced over the blade mystically and it reflected the panic stricken gaze of the girl.

Poor, poor baby, if only she hadn't batted those lovely little eyelashes of hers at him. She would have been able to go home tonight and sleep in her soft, comfy bed. I smiled as I brought the knife closer to her pale flesh. I let the blade caress her beautiful face. I stopped just below her left eye, and forced the blade in.

Her screams of pain sent waves of bliss through my body. I twisted the knife deeper and with an audible and disturbingly wet pop, her eye freed itself from the socket. Her shrill cries grew louder, piercing the night air.

I enjoyed the sound immensely, but whatever animals remained in the area scattered to seek safety. She touched a grimy hand to the now empty socket. Tears trailed down her cheek from her remaining eye and cleared the filth from the right side of her face.

The left side was much more suitable to my taste. The blood flowing from her empty socket streamed down much more consistently and the sight of it brought another sinister smile to my lips.

"Don't kill me. I'm so sorry, I'll never do it again. Please, my family will fall apart without me. I won't tell anyone about this, I promise," she sobbed.

"I may consider that..." I cooed, giving her a weak ray of hope before crushing it. "But, I simply can't allow rule breakers to live. You understand, don't you? What am I saying? Of course, you do." I grinned again, marveling in the anguish painting her features.

"You'll go to hell for this... Please, you can still be saved." She pleaded. Did she really think I cared about my 'immortal' soul? I was already damned, I learned to accept that fate long, long ago.

Her words could do nothing to stop me now. Especially since hell was here on earth, and not a punishment for the dead. The dead were just that, dead. They had no power over the suffering of the living... the innocent living, at least.

"I have news for you, princess. We're already there... or at least, you are." I laughed at her shocked expression. The smile was still painted across my lips when I grasped the blade tighter and plunged it deep within the other eye.

She screamed out in her pain as I forced the knife deeper and deeper. Until at long last, the night was silent. I stood and used my bloody foot as leverage to pull out the blade. The blood dripped down, landing with a small noise upon impact with a larger pool.

Drip... drip... drip... The sound was surprisingly soothing. I could not help but to grin one last time as I wiped the blade clean on the front of my dress. The white nightgown I wore seemed to highlight the bloody smears all the more as I turned to walk away from my most recent corpse. I felt so much better now.

I could now feel a warm wetness travel down my cheek, I touched my face gingerly, ignoring my blood soaked hands. I removed a single tear. When did that happen? I thought savagely.

I had never cried before, so why now? I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing the thought out of my head and forgetting about my bloody hands in the process.

Who cares about a single tear when tomorrow I would get to see my angel? The weekend had passed by much too slowly for me. I couldn't wait to lay eyes on that beautiful, beautiful man. In a few hours, I would be able to touch him once more.

My fingers itched to tickle his warm skin. I laughed at my thoughts and skipped through the trees, singing merrily. The song echoed in the stillness of the night, just as the screams had not too long ago.

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