Chapter One

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“Selena, that guy at the end of the bar looks like he needs another drink,” my boss Martha Lee taps on my naked shoulder, then points at a lonely looking fellow drinking what I think is his 6th shot of whiskey, “go show him some company.” She winks, slaps my bum, and pushes me down towards the man. I slam on the table with my hand to prevent myself from falling off my tower-high heels. I get up fix my hair and my brassiere, then turn to smile at the man.

“Hi, my name is Selena,” out of habit, I do the customary Mrs. Lee’s ‘push-and-greet’ and put my arms in a position so that my breast pop out just a little bit.

He looks up, and his eyes immediately widen and go back normal. He looks back down at his shot glass, swishes the liquid around and downs the whole thing. My smile falters a bit, but I keep on smiling.

“What’s your name?” I ask now leaning over a bit. As disgraceful as it sounds, this is what my job is, it’s the only way I can pay my part of the rent, and no matter how much I hate it....I need the money more than anything.

“Bill,” he uses the back of his hand to wipe off his face, I try my hardest to hide my grimace. Something must be really wrong with this.

“Bill, enough of the stripper bull... why are you here?” I climb on top of the bar and fall into the stool next to him, trying my best not to fall out of my ‘clothes.

“My brother dragged me here,” he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his collar. He looked at his hands, and then looked back up staring at the huge assortment of booze across the counter. We sat there for maybe another five minutes in a comfortable silence. Which, is kind of hard to do since there is loud club music playing in the background. I start to zone out and picture what this guy’s brother was like. I size Bill up, he looked like an attractive 40- something year old with beautiful, deep, aqua-blue eyes. But he was way too old for me. His brother probably was near God-like, but he was probably also the biggest asshole in the world.

“Hey Bill! There ya are!” a tall, blonde, handsome man comes over and gives a very painful pat to Bill. I automatically assume this Bill’s brother. I look him up and down, and he fits my predictions perfectly. He looks about 6’3 and like Bill, has the most perfect blue eyes that you could almost just jump in and swim in. I smile at him when he notices me staring, and quickly get up and go back to my post behind the bar. I feel Bill’s brother’s eyes on me and try not to act like I know that he is still looking.

“So Bill,” his brother leans against the bar, and is giving me this creepy smile, “would you  like to introduce me to your lovely new friend?” Oh God, was this man hitting on me? He should be helping his brother with his problems instead of trying to find some one night stand. Especially, not me... I am NOT one night stand material. I watch as Bill looks up, a look flashing across his face that was half embarrassed and curious because he never asked what my name was.

“My name is Selena,” I feigned my best pearly white smile and quickly walked away to attend yo a bachelor party who had just walked in. Before leaving, I shot one last look back at Bill, made eye contact and gave him as close as I could to my most genuine smile. He half smiled half grimaced back... which I perceived as a good thing, and continued walking towards the huge crew of men.

“Hey fellas,” I put on my best ‘sexy voice’ in order to greet the new barbarians, “how can I help you fine gentlemen?” I winked at who I thought was the groom –to-be and walked over to him... making sure that my boobs and my butt looked as good as possible. “Are you the lucky man getting married?” I wrapped my arms around one of the man’s biceps and batted my eyes. From the corner of my eye I could see my co-workers following the same suit as I was.

I felt his arm tighten around my waist, “Why babe, I am.” I face fell a little at the way he was so willing to flirt back with me, after all he was in line to be married.

I did my best ‘sexy pout’ and whispered in his ear “Aww... well that’s too bad. If you weren’t engaged...I would totally take you for myself.” I recieted the lines from the Mrs. Lee’s Handbook for Bachelor Parties verbatim, and led him and his party (who now each had one or more girls clinging on to them) to the party suite. I felt his arms start to try and feel up my body, and fought the urge not to punch him back, but only flashed him my best smile instead as I seated him and his friends in the large booth that surrounded a runway equipped with dancer poles and cages, a rope ladder, glitter, champagne, and whipped cream and strawberries. He smiled at me, or more like gave me the same type of creepy grin that Bill’s brother had given me. It was like they all expected that I Was just going to rip off the little clothing that I had on, and jump into the nearest bed with him. But that is most definitely not in my job description. I do not and refuse to have any sexual relations with anyone who comes into this hell hole of a building, and I was most certainly not about to break that rule with this moron.

But, I still had to do my job, so I picked up a strawberry, dipped it into the whipped cream and placed it in my mouth so that most of it was sticking out. I crawled on to the table and fed him the strawberry from my mouth, deeply regretting immediately. He started to kiss me, and I had to kiss back. I felt nothing though, other than the sloppy movements of his tongue, and wonder how in the world this man had a fiancé that he was going to marry in less than 24 hours. I bit his lips as a way to try and end my misery, but he took as me trying to deepen the kiss. And to my dissatisfaction I had to keep kissing him, without accidentally throwing up in his mouth.


            I check the time on my iPhone and see that it is already 5:30am, aka the end of my shift. I start to clean up the bar and the tables after the bachelor party left.

“ Hey Selena!” I turn around to see co-worker Mickayla smiling at me wearing her non-stripper clothes. Her radiant smile made me cringe, she was too happy for someone who had just worked all night. “Me and Jackie are about to hit up Dunkin Donuts for coffee and you wana come with?”

I feign a smile and start to walk backwards towards the door, “Uhh.. thanks but no thank Mickayla. I think I’m just going to go home and hit the hay.” I turn and open the door, embracing the cool Los Angeles morning, and starting my walk to the bus stop. The breeze blew my brunette hair in my face, and making my hair plaster itself to my lipgloss. The bus pulls up to the stop within a couple minutes of me arriving, and I step up the stairs pay the toll and sit in the very back of the bus.

20 minutes later, I walk through the doors to my apartment lobby. As usual, I take in the powerful smell of flowers, and try and hold back a sneeze. I fail miserably, and let out the loudest sneeze known to man. An old couple stops to look at me with looks of disgust, and then they continue to walk towards the elevator.

            “Bless you Ms. Morreti,” the doorman for the building handed me a Kleenex. I smile at him and try to blow my nose as quietly as possible.

            “Thanks Will,” I continue my walk towards the elevator, and jump into one right before it closes. Right before the door closes, I see a man running towards me waving his arm frantically.

            “Excuse me! Keep that door opened!” without thinking my hand slams on the ‘door-shut’ button, before I can even take in what is going on. I see the man’s face fall, as the door shuts right before he could step in. I catch a glimpse of his perfectly chiseled features, beautiful hazel eyes, that shined in the sunlight; the beginning of a five o’clock shadow sprouting around his jaw; and his hair so nicely put in a way that made him look fun and hardworking at the same time. He was basically angelic... then it dawned on me. I had just shut the door in his face, literally, and he had probably seen my hand (which now apparently has a mind of its own) slam on the button to make the door close.

My right arm is such an asshole.

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