No One Said This Would Be Easy | 1

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Chapter 1 - Surprise, Suprise, Dustin [9 Years Later]

6:14 A.M., Dustin’s Room

“Good morning, California! Hope everyone is ready for anoth —!” My fist slammed against my alarm to silent the demon. I grumbled incoherent words to myself trying to decide whether to start my day or fall back asleep. However, the sun rays that passed through my window and burnt my eyes seemed to have made the decision for me. I raised a fist  to rub the sleep away and glanced lazily at my clock; it’s 6:15.

It’s not like I heading anywhere today, right? So I snuggled deeper into my duvet and shut my emerald eyes tightly, when I was comfortable a sigh of relaxation escaped my lips. Oh sweet, sweet bliss. Spoke too soon…

“Dustin, get your lazy bum the heck up!” A familiar deep voice yelled in my ear. I grunted and groaned before turning in the direction the nuisance, my older brother Derek, was not. All I wanted to do was sleep away the day, he could shove one for all I care..

“Dus, get up!” He yelled then paused, and I took it that he had left. I sighed in relief and opened my eyes to observe my surroundings. “The bus just went by!” The bus…? It’s a school day? It’s a school day, holy crap!

My body shot up and glanced at my clock. 7:07. Immediately, I ran towards my closet, school startrs at 7:25!  “Derek, you jerk! How come you didn’t wake me up?” I yelled at my dymb brother as my hands rummaged through my closet looking for warm clothes.

With a glance at him from behind my closet door, I noticed his smug smirk. Stupid moronic teenage boy.

With speed, I got out of my closet and into the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth.

“I didn’t think it was my job to wake you up, I’m not your keeper.” He replied smartly. Impulsively, I threw my sister Rachael's eyeliner pencil at his face, it smeared and stained his tan skin. I winked at his expression and then noticed his camera, my eyebrow raised in question. "It's nothing and don't expect a ride to school after this!" He seethed.

My face twisted with annoyance when I remembered the five mile distance to school and my lack of neighborhood friends. I'm sixteen, you'd think I'd be liscensed but my parent refused by saying I always had a ride. What ride? Rachael and Derek drove to school everyday, why couldn't I? And why can't they just offer me one, ugh.

Today was a sunny day, the walk might not be too awful. And I've walked to school plenty of times and never got ran over, maybe I'll even catch Ace on the way and he'll drive me. With the thought of Ace, my mood brightened and I quickly started gathering my things. Derek smiled at my cooperation and I didn't fail to notice he was still videotaping me.

"Turn it off." I said with a roll of my eyes.

"Bye Dus, love ya!" He laughed while ignoring my demand. No surprise.

"Love you too, Derek. Not!" I yelled up the stairs as I slammed the front door behind me.


7:51 A.M., Avalon High School

The ‘Welcome to Avalon High’ finally came to view and I almost cried from happiness. I’ve been running for a little over twenty minutes now and my legs felt about ready to collapse out from underneath me.

I bet Derek was already here laughing and cracking jokes about how I had to run all the way here like a mad woman just because he refused to give me a ride.

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