Chapter 13: It's Time!!

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Jasper's POV
Bella was sleeping. Carlisle & Esme walked downstairs from their room. Edward and Alice are gone. They went hunting. Rose and Emmett went out. "How's Bella?" Carlisle asked.
Bella suddenly walked downstairs. "I'm okay." She told him, "just my stomach hurts. I can barely walk. How long has it been?"
"Well, I've told you already that it's been about 3-4 months so the baby can come anytime." Carlisle said. We nodded and I helped Bella walk to the love seat to sit. I sat down beside her and put my arm around her. She leaned on me and fell asleep. "She is just exhausted. She's pregnant." Carlisle said.
"I know. I'm just...I'm just worried. It's been about a week since you told us last week that its been 3-4 months. And it's going on 2 weeks and the baby's still not here yet. What if something's wrong!?" I asked Carlisle.
"Nothing's wrong, Jasper. You're worrying too much. Bella seems fine. Just give it a few hours. He should be born today or early tomorrow. And by early I mean Midnight or a little after Midnight." Carlisle said. I nodded. I stared at Bella and ran my fingers through her hair. She looks so peaceful. I was so sidetracked in running my fingers through her hair and didn't hear Carlisle and Esme. "JASPER!" Carlisle said. I heard him that time. "Yes? Sorry I was sidetracked."
"Esme and I are leaving for a few hours. Edward called and said they'll be here in a few hours. They went to Alaska to hunt. I don't know why. Then, Emmett and Rose will be here in an hour. We should be back by 4:00 pm. So should Edward and Alice. You and Bella have the house to yourselves." Carlisle said.
"Okay. Bye." I said.
"Bye sweetie." Esme said and Carlisle waved. Bella woke up. "I can't get comfortable. Can we go to our room?"
"Yes Bella." I said and on our way up, I told her what time everyone should be back and that we're here alone.
We went up to our room and Bella laid down and I laid with her and she fell back to sleep.
It was now 12:30 and Bella was still sleeping and I was getting thirsty. I wrote Bella a note.
    I was getting thirsty and so I went hunting. Be back in about 15 minutes. Be careful! I love you!
                Jasper <3
I set the note down beside her and I left to go hunting.
I ran into the woods and got a deer and a mountain lion. I ran back to the house up to mine and Bella's room. Bella wasn't in there. Then I heard something in the kitchen fall. I hurried and ran to the kitchen. I seen Bella trying to bend down and get the plate that broke. "I'll get that for you!" I told Bella.
"Okay, thank you. And, I got your note." Bella said.
"Okay. What are you trying to make?" I asked Bella.
"Chicken and Dumplings." She said.
"Go into the living room and sit. I'll make them for you" I told Bella.
"Okay. Thank you, Jazzy." Bella said and she walked into the living room and sat down on the love seat.
I turned off the stove once her Chicken and Dumplings were done and I brought them into her. She ate them fast. She must've been hungry. "Rose and Emmett should be here in about 10 minutes." I told Bella.
"Okay." She said and was getting up to bring her plate into the kitchen but I took the plate from her and I took her plate in there for her.
Rose and Emmett got here and Bella was walking to them. Suddenly, Bella screamed. "Their coming!"
"Who?!" Emmett asked.
"The babies!!" Rose said.
"Get her to Carlisle's medical room. Now!!" I told Rose and Emmett. I called Carlisle to tell him.
"Carlisle, come quick!! The babies are coming!"
"Be there A.S.A.P!! Until I get there, you're gonna have to keep her under control. I'll be there in about 2 minutes!!" Carlisle said and the line ended.
I ran upstairs. When Carlisle finally got here he cut her stomach open and I held her hand. She squeezed my hand but it didn't hurt because I'm a vampire. I will change her after she has Logan.
Bella held him and we told them what his name was gonna be. Suddenly, Bella didn't move. She didn't talk. She was pale. "I'm changing her NOW!" I said and bit her. I kept biting her. I went from her neck to her shoulders to her arms to her legs to her feet and up again. Hopefully this works.
She was still."Please work!!" I yelled and Emmett pulled me out of the room while I was dry sobbing.
Alice and Edward came back as fast as they could. "Get ahold of yourself, Jasper!" Emmett said. "She should be fine. Carlisle said we have to keep close eyes on her until she wakes. You bit her in enough time to save her so, she'll turn. Give it time."
--After Transformation--
Everyone was up here with Bella watching over her. Alice got her a red dress to put on. Rose did her make up, Esme did her hair, and we all put medicine on her bites.
They were disappearing. She's a vampire!! She woke up. I was smiling. "We can spend eternity together with Logan and our family now. I changed you. Let's get you fed." I said and she smiled. She looked at herself in the mirror, and we ran to the forest. I helped her look for something. She found her prey. She got in a defensive position and she lunged for her prey. She got 2 mountain lions and didn't drop any blood. I was impressed. "I love you, Bella. And I don't have to hold back. Your strong. Maybe a little stronger since you're a new born. You're a vampire!!" I said. I'm just so happy.
"Yes. And I love you too Jasper. And can I see Logan?" She smiled and asked.
"Yes." I let her hold him. Not too long since she's a new born. "Give her a few days and she can hold him longer and all the time." Carlisle said and Bella smiled.
Logan has the power of all 4 elements. (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind) and he also has a physical and mental shield. live eternity with each other and our baby and our family... I can't wait...

Hope you all liked this chapter!! I'll update the next chapter soon!! Hopefully!! Thanks!! :)

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