What You Least Expect Is Always What You Get (Chapter 6)

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What You Least Expect Is Always What You Get (Chapter 6)

Jade's POV 


I can't believe he kissed me!!!!! And weirdly enough I kissed him back!!! 

I can't like him!! Right?

He's an ass and I... umm like Lucas.

But I actually felt sparks when Jason kissed me. 

Arghh this is really frustrating. I seriously needed to talk with Susy so I texted her, 

'Hey can I come over?' a few minutes later she texted me an okay so I drove over to her house.

1 hour later

"WOW" I said after telling Susy everything she told me that she might actually believe Sean. 

"I think he is telling you the truth, if he had done that to someone he didn't care about he wouldn't chase after them but he's chasing after you." I assured her. 

"I hope you're right but I'm still going slow. So what are you gonna do about Jason?" she asked with a suggestive smile. 

I couldn't help but laugh, that's why I came over Susy can always make me feel better. 

"I think I might follow your example and give him a chance."

After that we sayted up the whole night talking and finally went to sleep.

Jason's POV

Monday, I normally wouldn't be excited since like almost all people I hated Mondays but today would be the first time I see Jade since the kiss. 

So after a quick shower I threw on some black jeans and a red polo before heading off to school. 

I was hanging out in front when I saw her walking towards the entrance with her group of friends. 

I was looking at her and before she went in our eyes met and a small smile escaped her lips. 

And that was all it took for my hopes to boost and wanting to try anything to have her. 

I had to wait until second period, which was the first class I had with her. Once I got there she was already there sitting by some of her friends, I sat behind her and five minuets later the teacher came in and told us to do some excersices in the text book for the rest of the class. 

I ripped a piece of paper out of my notebook and wrote a 'Hey how r u?' on it feeling like that was a stupid way to start a conversation with her after everything but I couldn't think of anything better so I tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned around handed her the note.

After a minute she handed it back with a 'Fine u?' this conversation could sound stupid to others but it was the first time after she found out about the bet that she wasn't screaming at me. 

Like maybe we would get past that, I then wrote 'Fine so umm about friday...' hoping she would let me now where I stood. 

'What about friday?' she responded, this girl was trying to kill me!!

"The kiss" I said out loud causing the whole class including Jade to turn around and stare at me weirdly. 

"Ummm, What?!?!" I had to say so they would turn around. 

Since Jade heard I didn't give her the note back, she probably thinks I'm a bumdass. 

Then finally the bell rang and once I started to gather my things Jade left a folded paper on my desk before walking out the door. 

I opened it and it said 'Amazing.'

That made my day. 


Next chap will have more on Susan and Sean but I needed to fill some things on Jade and Jason. 

Hope you enjoyed. 

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