Austin Mahone love story (babies)

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Hey! Guess what!?! I'm going to be famous!!!

Those were the last words that I herd from Austin Mahone.

Hi everyone my name is Crystal I am 17 and well I am or was friends with him. He came over and said that he got signed for a record label! I was sooooo happy. He promised to text call and FaceTime. As the days went on we stopped calling and texting less and less. My tummy how ever grew more. One night Austin and I were at a party and well we got very drunk and did...... It. Well I just found out I was pregnant! When I tried telling him he never called me back, nothing. I am friends with Alex and Robert they don't know I am pregnant. I just found out today and he just left! Anyway I have brown hair and brown eyes I am 5'7, I love Volleyball, swimming, helping people and more. I haven't told my parents and I am scared! My mom and dad r not together anymore so we will see. I think my mom will be disappointed and my dad will want to kick the guy who got me prego. Well thanks me so far!!! Peace I got to go talk to my mamma <3

(AN: this is my first story on here, how was it?