Austin Mahone love story (babies)

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Hey! Guess what!?! I'm going to be famous!!!

Those were the last words that I herd from Austin Mahone.

Hi everyone my name is Crystal I am 17 and well I am or was friends with him. He came over and said that he got signed for a record label! I was sooooo happy. He promised to text call and FaceTime. As the days went on we stopped calling and texting. My tummy how ever grew more. One night Austin and I were at a party and well we got very drunk and did, well, IT.

I just found out I was pregnant! When I tried telling him he never called me back, nothing. I am friends with Alex and Robert they don't know I am pregnant. I just found out today and he just left! Anyway I have brown hair and brown eyes I am 5'7, I love Volleyball, swimming, helping people and more. I haven't told my parents and I am scared! My mom and dad are not together anymore so we will see how that goes. I think my mom will be disappointed and my dad will want to kick the guy who got me prego. Well thanks me so far!!! Peace I got to go talk to my mamma <3

(AN: this is my first story on here, how was it?

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