Ch 5: 10 Shillings, a Drink, and a Kept Secret

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A/N: tis the flask in question (Well the one that will be in question."

Gizmo POV:

"Hello again beautiful."

Dear god he's back, I peered up from the silver I was polishing, "Mr. Blythe."

The man leaned forward upon the counter, "I'm looking for something interesting."

"Is that so?"

"yes and Samson Wiles tells me you are the girl to find."

I stopped for a moment, "you know Mr Wiles?"

"That I do, a friend of mine believe it or not met him the day after I turned eighteen." He eyes be for a moment, "you would have been what twelve at the time?"

I pursed my lips, "perhaps. What is it your are looking for friend of Mr Wiles?"

"A pretty woman to show me around these winding cobblestone streets and a flask. I lost my last one."

I walked through the shop to the wall where I kept the drinking glasses and flasks, "A woman I can give you not Mr Blythe. A flask I can do."

Taking the latter attached to the case I stepped up to the top and plucked the metal flask from its spot. 

Stepping down I handed it to him, "what do you think?"

He blinked at its carving, "is that.."

"a demon? yes. that there is its book isn't it lovely? The man who I obtained this from was terrified of his priests wrath if he was discovered with it, he was a very honest man who only thought it artful and did not see the harm other would have in it."

He turned it in his palm, "how much?"

"For you Mr. Blythe. A pound and four pence."

"thats an utterly preposterous price. Half of what most families make in a year, you know."

I rose a brow, half of what most poor families make yes, but he was no poor man. "then don't buy it."

"how about 10 shillings and I buy you a drink."

"half a pound and a drink? I think not Mr Blythe. I don't fancy men who like their drink as much as I'm guessing you do."

He laughed, "Come now Gizmo this place must be boring from time to time."

"Not as boring as useless conversation." I shot him a pointed look.

He just smiled infuriatingly, "I insist for you being so helpful."

I didn't believe that for a second, "Mr. Blythe, whatever you have heard from the townswomen about me is more than likely a lie so if you wouldn't mind either paying or returning the flask to its place and being on your way."

His smile faltered, "I assure you if I simply wanted a nightcap I could take my pick from many a women, no what I want is company that is not dreadfully giggly or boring. And somehow I doubt you have ever giggled in your life."

What he wanted was information. "I told you once already I don't know a woman named Ginnie, you don't need to put up a farce to get me drunk to talk it over."

He laughed, "ah you really are a smart one Gizmo dear. But I assure you I have good reason, Ginnie is in trouble and I need to find her."

This piqued my interest, "trouble? Of what sorts?"

"The sorts that can get a young girl killed, I need to find her before others do you see Gizmo, I won't do her any harm that much I can promise you."

I looked up at him, "why such an interest in her did you know her?"

"I don't even know what she looks like now, I have a small description but thats all. I never knew her, never met her, never even heard of her before four months ago. And her trail has led me to London."

I narrowed my eyes at him, "so why then?"

" a private matter, I'm sure you understand."

Pursing my lips I shook my head, "I don't know her."

" you know of her?"


" offer of drinks still stands."

"No. I don't take kindly to taverns."

He seemed disappointed, "but I was sure you had a fascinating tale to two."

This was starting to become tedious, "I assure you my life is quite boring"

"The life of a genius is never boring Gizmo, don't be coy."

I stilled, "A genius? I am no such thing."

His smile was of faux welcoming joy, "Oh so everyone in London makes working limbs out of metal?"

Damn Mr Wiles must have said something or shown his hand.

I sighed heavily pinching the bridge of my nose, "10 shillings, a drink, and a kept secret for the flask Mr Blythe."

It felt as if his charm had turned up 100 times what he had been presenting, "wonderful! I shall see you at the shops closing."

He placed ten shillings on the counter and left, flask in hand.

I would have to watch out for that man. 

He hid behind a farce, he was smarter than he let on, those emerald eyes highly observant.

To put it simply, he could become quite the issue.

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