Moan For Me

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Im remaking that one scene where Scott ask Stiles for a favor. The favor of Derek staying with Stiles for a while.  But instead of it being day it's night.  (Not edited)
Song: Give me love by Ed Sheeran


"But he looks scary. Scott are you sure he wont hurt me?" Stiles whisperd to Scott. "Yes don't worry. Well I gotta go. Bye Stiles. Good luck. Oh and by the way don't get him mad" Before Stiles could ask why Scott disapered. Curse him and him fast werewolve tactics. He thought. Stiles dad wasnt home he was out doing some 'solving a crime' or something. You see Stiles dad is a sheriff. So he was barly home. Did he ever feel lonley? of course he did especially since his best friend, Scott has a girlfriend now.

Stiles sat down on his desk chair. "Do you want to I dont know. Um sit down maybe?" Stiles ask  the older man across his room. "No" the older man grunted. "Ok well.. um do you want a new shirt? Because you have blood on the one your wearing.", "No" he grunted again. "So your just going to stand there like a werido while having blood on your shirt?" "No" he mutterd.

Stiles let out a long sigh. "Ok well-" he stood up grabbed the older man by the hand leading him to his bed making him sit down. "What are you doing?" the older man said in a angry tone. Stiles walked over to his closet taking out a white v-neck then  threw the shirt to him and sat back down on his chair "Making you sit down and change shirts thats what im doing. Since you wont do it." the older man gave in and changed shirts while sitting on Stiles bed.  "My name is Stiles by the way" he took out his hand for the older man to shake. By now the older man already had the shirt on "Derek." he shook Stiles hand back. "Nice to meet you Derek" Stiles smiled happily at the fact the man didn't reject his gesture. "Why are you smiling?" Derek raised his eyebrow. "Because you didn't reject my handshake" Derek couldn't help but smile at this little boys cuteness. "And your smiling to. See your not so tough are you" Stiles teased. "Shut up" Derek blushed. "Awh and your blushing." Derek faced the window. Stiles chuckled.

"Are you hungry? You look hungry. I'll go get something to eat be right back" Stiles went to the kitchen and came back with two plates of left over lasagna. "Here you go" he said passing a plate to Derek. Derek took the plate and started eating. What is boy doing to me? Derek thought as he was looking at the younger boy eating. Stiles noticed Derek wasnt eating "Is it cold? Is it hot. OH NO does it taste bad? OMG im sorry here i'll go get you something els-" he was interupted by Derek "No, no it's fine. It's just..." Derek put the plate on the counter "It's just why are you being so nice to me?" Derek questiond. "What do you mean" , "Well first off you dragged me onto your bed to sit down, let me borrow your shirt, now giving me food? Why are you being nice to me? Im mean-" Derek stood up walking closer to Stiles "selfish-" Dereks face only 2 inches away "Ive even killed people for goodness sake?!?!- Most people would of just been scared of me or run away" Derek frownd looking down at the floor. "Maybe because im not like other people" Stiles said putting his hand on Dereks shoulder and the other grabbing Dereks chin to make him look him in the eye. 

Dereks eyes looking back and forth between Stiles eyes and his lips. Stiles noticed this and bit his bottom lip. "Is it ok if I try something?" Dereks voice filled with hopefullnes. Stiles nodded a yes.

Derek put his hand on the back of Stiles neck and crashed their lips together. Stiles was a little shocked at first because since the first time he saw Derek with Scott outside of school a week ago he fell in love instanlly. Love at first sight? Yes I guess you can say that. He never imagined this day would really happen.

Stiles started moving his lips. Both moving in sync. At first it was a passinote kiss but then things started getting heated after Stiles bit Dereks bottom lips asking for entrance. Both him and the   older man tounges fighting for dominace. "Jump" Derek said seductively. Stiles obayed both his legs wrapped around Dereks waist. Stiles felt Derek walking. But neither of them broke the kiss. 

Derek angerily pushed Stiles making his back hit the cold wall. Causing both of them to brake the kiss from the impact. At this time both of them took the oppertunity to gasp for air. Derek started kissing his jaw and worked his way to his neck "What are you doing to me Stiles" Derek whisperd to his neck sending shivers to the other boy. Derek raised his head and looked at Stiles in his eyes "Im sorry if I ever scared you. Im sorry for being selfish with you earlier", "Its ok" Stiles replied with a kiss on the older mans forhead.

With Stiles legs wrapped around Dereks waist, Derek went back to kissing Stiles neck. Licking. Sucking. Biting. Until he found the spot to make Stiles groan. "C'mon baby moan for me" Dereks voice filled with lust. "No" Stiles mocking Derek from earlier. Which made Derek growl in frusteration. Derek was continuesly desperatly trying to find the spot. While Stiles was desperatly trying to hold in the moan.

When Stiles felt Dereks bulge he couldn't take it anymore he let it out. Follow by Dereks name.  Derek growled from how sexy that sounded. In one quick movement (becasue I mean c'mon hes a werewolve so of cousre hes going to use his speed)  Derek headed with  Stiles on his waist to his bed and practualy threw him making him bounce. Derek crawled between Stiles legs. Face to face "I think I like you", "I think I like you to" 

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