Chapter 16: The Heartache of Coming Clean

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October 1st 2015

I woke up to a pounding headache and a bright light. It takes a few minutes for my eyes to focus, I need my glasses- I really can't see. I squint trying to make sense of my surroundings- this isn't my room. I suddenly panic and sit up, but the quick movements cause a whiplash in my head- now it's excruciatingly throbbing.

I finally notice that my hands and arms are covered in bandages, I'm shirtless. Stripped to my boxers in a baby blue duvet. This is definitely not my home- what the hell is going on? Did I lose my virginity to some crazy BDSM lady?

"Don't worry dumbass, you're at my house" I look up to see a smirking Kate. Oh thank God. But that still doesn't explain my bandages or the fact I'm only in my underwear. I guess I better just get this over with.
"Did-did we do something?" She just looks at me.
"You-you seriously don't remember a thing?" I shake my head to say no."I can't believe you don't remember- you came to me for help after Damian hurt you. We started talking.then kissing, then making love. It was all incredible truly incredible- you must remember" I shake my head again in no. "But-but you asked me to marry you!" She screams. She's pissed, then again I would be too, if last night was as great as she says and then my partner or fiancé just goes and forgets it all. "We spent the rest of the night snuggling and discussing wedding designs." She whimpers. "you believe me, don't you?"
"Okay. Yes of course I believe you. I'm just confused as to why I have bandages on." I say raising my hands up to her.
"Oh silly, you liked it so rough: I guess we both got a bit carried away" she laughs fondly at the memory.
"Um, oh" I knew I lost my v-card with some crazy sex lady. This is all so weird. " I need the restroom, where is it" Kate points down the hall. I walk in the direction and finally find the correct door. As I go in I stare at myself in the mirror. Then I see the lump on the left side of my head and as quick as that all the real memories of last night came flooding back. Shit Kate got me good- I could either go along with her story or I have to tell her the truth. Okay, how hard could it be to pretend a marriage? Spend the rest of my life with her? Have kids and grow old together? Okay, that's it I have to tell her the truth- even If it kills me: literally.

I stumble back into Kate's room, finally remembering it's   from the time I stayed before. "Hahhaha Kate you're so funny!.. Not. That was the dumbest thing ever" she just bursts into laughter.
"Omg! You should have seen your face it was priceless when I send you proposed! Knowing you. You would have gone with it too- to be a loyal friend. It's almost a shame your memory came back. But now that it's back you have to tell me the truh. After all, I came to your rescue, snuck you up here, hid you from my parents, washed you clean, took care of your injuries and let you rest. All whilst being patient in the fact that you said you'd tell me the truth. Now go on tell me"
I look at her, she is so content in making me tell. I take a deep breathe about to reveal the truth..."can we get some breakfast please? I'm starving" and agreeing with this statement my stomach growls.
"Fine, I'll feed you: then you'll tell"

After an incredible breakfast of homemade pancakes, whipped cream and fruit. Something that could be straight out if iHop I knew I couldn't get out of this one. I could lie- but what good would that do?
"If I tell you this you have to keep it a secret." I whisper.
"Don't worry my parents have gone out for the day with some of their prestigious work colleagues they won't be back till late, you can tell me anything. I swear I won't tell a soul"
"Pinky swear" I say sticking out my pinky.
She laughs" I pinky swear" she then shakes my pinky.
"You better not interrupt- this isn't easy for me, okay" I saying giving her pointed look. I can see her about to respond but instead she closes her mouth and mimicked zipping it shut and throwing away the key.
"Fine, I remember last night. I should've realised sometimes when the blow to the head is hard I do get spells of amnesia"
"This has happened before?" I just glare at her "sorry, shutting up now. for good, I promise"
"Yes, but let me explain..... My dad worked for the Amed forces. Went out on many tours and enjoyed every minute of it. He was a respected man, had a good position and was always loyal to his girl back home- my mum, who was pregnant with me. After my mum had me he quickly finished up his last tour and came back to make us a real family. But what my mum says is, he never really came back as the same man she fell in love with. I wouldn't know, the only dad I've had is the one I've got.
"He was supposedly amazing, kind and gentle. But the wars changed him. Made him cruel and bitter. The nightmares found him always. So like that he turned to drink for liquid comfort- washed it all away. But the more he drank the more unbearable he became, couldn't hold a job to save his life. The more he became a screw up and the town drunk the more angry he got. By the time I was seven, there was no more fatherly love. That man had completely died and instead was replaced with a corpse of a man- heartless and brutal.
"I remember that day- that first hit- how I couldn't get back up. He found some sick control out of it. He had the ability to keep me down- he couldn't control anything but he could control me. My mum tried to stop him- but he turned on her.
"Over the years she stopped trying to stop him and instead just cleansed my cuts and bruises. I wished on my teeth birthday that we could just up and leave him- but mum couldn't. She still loved him - and she had no where to turn to. No one would want to get on my dads bad side, so we were on our own. Mum had no skills- no job. So we were stuck.
"Then this guy came along. Swept mum off her feet. I thought he would save us but instead he saved her. They upped and left me just after I turned fifteen. Leaving me with that sick bastard. He got so much worst before he began to get better. There was so many times I thought I was going to die- but he'd leave me with just enough to make it. Just enough to keep me around for the next time. He lost his job, couldn't pay the rent. We were so close to being evicted.
But one morning something switched On him- I don't know what- but he decided to call an old friend from his army days. Pulled a few strings and ended up getting himself a job here in DC. We moved immediately- I didn't mind- a fresh start. Though I never expected him to stop yet he did. He was finally happy until something made him crack yesterday and he came back on me but this time with all that pent up rage."
"Oh my, Noah. You went through all that alone?"
"I don't want your pity Kate"
"Okay, but just tell me this: why did you never tell someone?"
"Oh, Kate, but I did. Yet that's a different story"

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