My Life Is Hard

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Kazuha woke up the next morning, feeling sad yet comfortable and happy in the same time. She's sad for her grandmother's loss, happy and comfortable because she has Heiji by her side  and that she knows that he cares and loves her. It's really funny that the fact that she hated him so much before, and that she absolutely abhorred him, turned into something completely the opposite later.

Kazuha snuggled deeper onto his chest, enjoying the closeness for a bit longer. After a while, she squeezed out of his embrace, needing to use the toilet. She smiled as she heard Heiji groan in disappointment, wanting her warm and squishy body next to his.

"Come back, you're warm." Heiji said, in a low and sleepy voice, that Kazuha found so sexy.

Kazuha went to the bathroom that was in Heiji's room, and after she used the toilet, she opened a new pack of tooth brush and brushed her teeth, put her hair up in a ponytail ,etc., then she went back to bed, much to Heiji's pleasure.

Kazuha slapped Heiji on the face playfully, "Wake up idiot. We have a school to attend."

"Five more minutes.." Heiji groaned, pulling Kazuha closer to him.

"Nope, now." Kazuha said again, slapping him harder this time.

Heiji groaned as he got up from bed, and he muttered something like 'I can't wait till I sleep again.'

Kazuha giggled, "I used to say that all the time, but sleeping with you gave me a lot of energy."

Heiji chuckled and stepped inside the bathroom, to do his usual morning routine.

Meanwhile Kazuha, took out her school uniform, and took off Heiji's black shirt, that she had been wearing since yesterday.

Heiji got out of the bathroom, only to be greeted by a half-naked Kazuha. Of course Heiji being Heiji, couldn't help but smirk.

However Kazuha didn't notice him.

When Kazuha wore her knee-socks she turned around and saw Heiji already dressed up in his school uniform.

"What the fuck..." Kazuha murmured, quietly asking god how can he finish that fast.

Kazuha shook her head, in attempt to not think about it, and forget about it.

"Heiji, I'll go downstairs to eat breakfast. Wanna join?"


Heiji and Kazuha went downstairs, heading to the kitchen.

Kazuha poured milk on the plate that's full of fruity loops, while Heiji made a sandwich for himself and ate it in lesser than second. Yup, it's possible for a guy who has a black hole instead of a stomach.


Heiji parked his motorcycle, as he and Kazuha got off.

Of course the girls that are in the school, couldn't take there eyes off him.

Heiji pecked Kazuha's lips and whispered on her ear, "I'm going to go now, be careful from those jealous girls. The love of their lives is taken." Heiji knew that this would irritate Kazuha to no ends, because Kazuha really gets annoyed by the people who are so full of themselves.

"Shut the hell up, or I'll cut your ball off." Kazuha said in a threatening tone.

Heiji put his hands on his private parts, imagining how hurt he would be of it actually happened, though of course he knew that Kazuha was just kidding.

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