Chapter Eleven» An Unexpected Kiss

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An illuminating light shined all around. Spreading in each corner. Opening my eyes I felt the strong light gazing upon the room making me move slowly. The intense glare of the sun had me squirming against the soft bed; my hands reaching for the pillow. Anything to block the light. I could feel my hands search around my eyes closed tightly savouring the warmth of sleep.

The bed creaked suddenly  and a soft sigh escaped someone making me stiffen. Long gone was my sleep as my once heavy eyes shot open. In fear of the Unknown. The thundering of  my heart had left my ears numb as I looked around the unfamiliar room. My hands weakening.

Where was I? I mentally gasped horrified. Feeling fear creep through me.

Taking a deep breath I found my mind rushing back to the images of last night it was as though a light bulb was switched on allowing; everything to  come crashing down. My fear was now swapped for anxiousness as I slowly sat up looking at the broad back of Omar.

The grey top he wore tightened against his movement as he placed his head in his hands. A tormenting sigh escaping him yet again.

Inhaling sharply I found myself mustering the courage as I opened my mouth. Thanking the Lord my voice didn't come out weak.

" Omar ?" I whispered worriedly seeing him sit up slowlyhis back facing new. Turning around he looked at me with a look I have never witnessed before. The dark of his eyes bored in to my Hazel ones. His once calm face now looked neutral but the emotions dancing in his eyes didn't go unnoticed.

I could feel my heart beating wildly, unable to think straight. Looking down at my hands I felt self conscious all of a sudden as he stared at me with a dark look. Somehow this wasn't a dark look to intimidate me but this seemed like a very hungry look. The same kind of  look you give to a chocolate ice cream before you eat it. It was as if he wanted to-. I stopped my trains of thoughts my face burning up ; seeing him move abruptly. Storming towards the bathroom.

Looking around I could feel an unknown emotion clenching at the pit of my heart; feeling stupid for thinking otherwise. Omar didn't like me like that? I mentally scolded myself, yet deep down I wished something would have changed between us.

Last night he looked so calm and peaceful. The smile on his face and his eyes didn't leave for a single moment. I wished sometimes he was more like that; though I knew very well this would only be a longing dream.

Sometimes I wished we were more of a normal couple. Able to laugh and share jokes. Go out for dinners and just merely enjoy each other presence and even though I didn't want to admit it. It felt as though Omar was slowly rubbing off on me.

Slowly getting up from the bed I felt something soft touching my hands. Looking down in confusion I realised I wasn't wearing my scarf. Causing a soft gasp to escape my lips.

It was the first time Omar has ever seen me with my hair fully down without a scarf. I thought feeling self-conscious I'm sure no body wants their husband to see them; when your   hair looking like a birds nest.

Looking around the room frantic. I spotted my scarf on the couch sprawled out. Standing up slowly I felt my toes curling against the warm carpet against my skin, allowing the wake breeze to float by me.

Walking towards the couch I tried remembering how it ended up there. My thoughts were short cut as I felt myself bumping in to something hard . I could hear a groan escape Omar who looked at me. With dark furious eyes.

" I'm so sorry I didn't mean to -" I started looking up at him when slowly I felt my mouth agape; as I stared at the sight infront of me. There was Omar standing in nothing but a towel wrapped around him. His hair dripping with beads of water whilst he stared at me making me gulp.

The dark look he threw my way didn't go unnoticed making me wish I had walked out earlier.

" Naina " he whispered softly as my head shot forward. My eyes widening at what he just said. Staring at him wide eyes, I could see the confusion plastered on his face; making butterflies erupt around my stomach.

He had just called me Naina and not Nina.

Sensing my gaze on him he leaned in. Making me take a step back. Not understanding what be was doing. "Don't give me that look Naina " he muttered darkly walking towards me as I felt myself taking another step back.

I could feel the confusion sweep pass me. Leaving me wondering what the man before me was trying to say.

" What look ?" I whispered back. Confused. I bit against my bottom lip hearing him groan all the whilst glaring at me. " Like you don't want me to, just, have my way with you " he muttered darkly as I gasped in Astonishment.

I could feel the hair on my neck rise as he inched forward his soft plump lips meeting against mine. Leaving me breathless.

Oh God.

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