{ 4 }I accidentally and unintentionally fell in love ...with a vampire 4

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Recap- " I need to tell you something before you decide to stay with me." he repositioned us in the sitting position. I said " ok it can"t be that bad though. It's not like you killed someone, right? I laughed but abruptly stopped. He looked guilty. What? Who? When? He said. "It was you or them. Those three men were going to kill you. But that's not what I was going to tell you"...........


"How the hell did you kill three grown men on your own and what do you mean they were going to kill me?" I asked not believing it. He closed his eyes and said slowly " i...i....i'm ...a....a...."he swallowed had and took a deep breath. He looked me right in the eyes and said in a serious tone "Jade, I'm a vampire." I had to laugh. He was so cute. He didn't start laughing so I said. "Well you're as sexy and smart as a vampire but I've seen you eat and you aren't paler than me. he let out a frustrated sigh and opened his mouth. I saw his canines get bigger. I put my hands over my mouth to keep me from screaming. My eyes were the sizes of golf balls. I couldn't speak. I couldn't move. I just stared at him in shock. He reached out for me but I jumped back. He looked sad. No more than sad, he looked devastated, crushed, in pain. But I didn't know if he was just acting so I said. "ddd.....don't hhh...hurt me" I was visibly shaking. And my vision was becoming blurry. In a small voice I heard "I would never, ever hurt you. I love you jade" I couldn't speak. The guy I just met a week ago was telling me he was a vampire and he loved me. wow. I was speechless. I was not shaking anymore. I was looking in his eyes to see if this was just some sick joke he was playing but it wasn't. I had to makeup my mind now. What do I know? One he is a vampire. Two he loves me and would protect me. three I liked him a lot. We would be perfect together. Well excepted we were different species. But does that matter? The two questions I was left with were did I love him and did it matter that he was a vampire. First, yes I think I do love him. Second, yes it does matter. It makes me love him more because he would trust me with his secret, with his life. I took a deep breath and reached out for his hand. I put it on my cheek and smiled up at him. He hesitated a second but then smiled back at me. I said "I love you too Chris" he started to cry pink tears. I was shocked and at first I just stared at him. Then I scooted closer facing him on the couch and put my hands on each side of his face. I used my thumbs to wipe away his tears. I said "what's wrong Chris?" he said "I'm just so unbelievably...happy... and lucky" we were both smiling. "I love you" I said. He let out one more tear then said "I love you" this time he kissed me. our lips were slightly parted and I could feel his fangs come out farther. I pulled back because I had about a million questions. So I started asking. "how do your fangs come out?" "we can will them to come out or they do automatically if we are... um..." he cleared his throat then whistled and I blushed. Then he said "also when we feed." I froze and my back stiffened. How stupid of me, I haven't even considered that. It's just I can't see him stalking a poor girl in an ally. That would be just horrible. As if he could feel my tension he said " I would never kill a person. I killed the other three vampires because they would have followed you until you were alone and then drank your blood. I hunt animals and I am the only vampire in America to do so. There are four vampires I have met that eat animals and more two that eat both animal and human. That's why I don't live in a coven with other vampires. They call me a preacher and a human hugger." I'm always called a tree hugger so I smiled. He kept explaining. "most vampires don't get along with me and the rest ignore me. there is also werewolves and shape-shifters. A strong werewolf is stronger than a week or newly changed vampire. In a group they can kill a vampire easily and if they got the chance they would. They first change on there sixteenth birthday. Shifters mainly keep to themselves. They change into animal of a certain group, like reptiles or mammals." I asked "how many supernatural people are there?" "about twenty-five percent of the world is supernatural but some people don't even know it." All I could say was "wow" he kept explaining


I, of course, walked her home. I offered to carry her and run but she wanted more time with me. I did to. She said we were a block from her house. So I stopped and since I was holding her hand she also stopped. I smiled and said "have a good night and I love you" she smiled and put her hands in my hair. I leaned down and kissed her gently, reverently at first but I wanted more, I wanted it all. Every part of her. She was everything I wanted, everything I ached for. She rubbed my lip with her tongue, just begging for entrance and I happily consented. We fit together perfectly like yin and yang. We were two opposites that completed each other. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang )

I broke away from our kiss to let her breath but she pulled me back to her and we start where we left off. I broke away again but held her close. Our foreheads were connected and she and I were breathing heavily. When we settled our breathing down I said "your parents are probably worried." She looked sad but nodded and we started walking again. I held her hand until she turned to the left. I was hyperventilating. Maybe she wasn't one? She obviously didn't know but her birthday wasn't for half a week so she might be? I wanted to cry but I didn't want to be the one to tell her what she was. She asked "are you alright?" because I was visibly shaking. I calmed my self down. And said "I'm fine but I have to leave in a hurry" then she said "ok but can you walk me to my door." I couldn't deny her anything. I just shook my head. We walked up to the door and she opened it. Fuck, both of her parents were at the door with there arms crossed and they were staring at me. She was. Shit, what were her parents going to tell her. Will she still love me. I didn't stay to find out because a fight was the last thing we needed and it would break her heart. I would never do

that to her even if she hates me after this. I will never stop loving her.

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