A New Journey

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Yes they have seen dawn...

They have witnessed the most beautiful moments but for that they had to stay up the whole night, had to count all the stars for a thousand of times before finding that ray of hope and light.... they had to go through all the darkness to catch the bliss.

But that darkness that chaos, only made them crave more for the light and the more their nights went darker the hungrier they became for.... the dawn.


"Towards Dawn" is the story of Hussain and Tehreem, of you and me. In fact, its not just a story but reality; reality we all face at one point of our lives when life wants and demands from us, something bigger than we have ever dreamed of and only then we realize the purpose of living.

Sometimes it is worth staying in darkness for only then we find our morning....our Dawn.

Come and join Tehreem, Hussain and Me, in the journey towards Dawn.....

Hope you'll find yours soon ;) <3


Assalam-o-alaikum everyone :) <3

Ahhh! Am so freaking happy :);) and I think you people are happy too finding me back ;) yeah? Right? Right? I knew this :D

So am back, this time it's a short story.

Well abhi tak to short he hea future ka Rabb malik hea ;) :-p

I hope you are going to read and like this one, a little different it is, from what I have written so far here.

It's a little spiritual containing delicate issues and as am full of vices and loopholes so am afraid I will make mistakes and blunders and all that but I hope you will forgive the errors and yeah....will correct me wherever I will be wrong :) Inn shaa Allah.

And the reason why I chose a spiritual theme is that I think we all are a little off track....no matter its me, or you or Hussain or Shehry or anyone. We all want a little boost a push a little reminder that what we are doing, what we have done and what we ought to.....

So "Towards Dawn" is actually a reminder for myself first because I think I need one and if you think the same then join me and Hussain and Tehreem in this journey :)<3

I really hope I do justice with what I have in mind (the greater cause ) ;) and by the end of this journey I and you will be able to think and ponder what is right and what is wrong. Inn shaa Allah

love you all <3

chapter 1 coming soon ;)

read, vote, comment and spread the word <3

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