*Harley's pov*

The thought of another day of school pained me. It was hard enough wearing a uniform that hadn't been washed for one day, I couldn't cope with another. My stomach grumbled with every step I took, my lips dry from dehydration and my tongue longing to taste. I couldn't bear being homeless, and it's only been a day.

I was stumbling through the half empty park, my head down and my knees weak. I had no idea where Harry was, he was nowhere to be seen in the playground and our stuff has been moved. I hoped it was Harry who took our suitcases, and not someone else.

It was scorching hot, and I began to sweat.

"Gross." I murmured to myself and carefully removed my school jumper, leaving me in just my stained, white blouse. I let out a loud yawn, signifying that I was very tired. I had a shitty sleep last night, partly because my back was met with damp grass instead of my warm mattress.

Ignoring all of the children and parents playing in the park and strolling around the field, I sat on a lonely bench opposite the park and excluded myself.

My stomach growled again, and I whined in both pain and hunger. There was a cafe right in front of me, past the lake. They sold pizza and... everything glorious. I had to block it all out, because I had no money.

I rolled my head back, closing my eyes and absorbing nothing but the warmth of the sun and the chirping of the birds. I wondered again where Harry was... I thought he'd be here. I couldn't call him to find out because my phone had no battery.

There were footsteps approaching me but I couldn't be bothered to open my eyes and take a look at who it was. But peaking through one eye, I saw the school Rugby team. They looked dirty, like they had been rolling around in the mud. They were in their uniforms, with the one in front holding the ball.

I closed my eyes to avoid any form on confrontation, but their footsteps suddenly stopped. "You're a mess, Harley."

Oh, great. My fifth insult of the day.

My patience has run dry and I couldn't bear to act afraid anymore. My head was still rolled back, not bothering to look them in the eye.

"Aren't you the guys who wear meninist shirts on non-school uniform day?" I tiredly asked, yawning along with it.

"Yeah, and?" One chuckled.

I squirmed in discomfort and rotated my shoulders to relieve stress. "You're not really in the position to decide on what looks like a mess."

"What the fuck did you say?" I heard his voice deepen in despair.

In fright I opened my eyes, afraid he was about to attack me and toss my dead body into the lake. "N-Nothing."

"That's what I thought, slut."

That was the last of them once they wandered out of my sight and into the cafe opposite, and my stomach growled again. They didn't deserve to eat when I was sat out here with an empty stomach.

I was now leaning forward, my arms crossed and my lips pouted. I was so fucking hungry, I couldn't even process my thoughts. There was a woman strolling around the lake with her boyfriend, and I couldn't help but notice the burger which she took small bites out of. She was eating so slowly, and it made me wonder if she was pretending to have a small appetite.

Why do girls pretend like they don't know what food consumption is when they're on a date? Like, eat that shit up. He doesn't give a fuck about how much you eat... And you shouldn't give a fuck about it either.

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