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When I said I was going to gorge my face, I meant it.

Oh my gosh! These waffles were to die for. Literally, I would take a bullet for these things. Just as I was about to stuff another heaping forkful into my face, my sixth sense kicked in. 

Little known fact about me, I can tell when someone is watching me, and I like to refer to it as my sixth sense. Anyway, right now it was going off like crazy.

I looked up to see a casually clad Zack leaning against the counter watching me. 

"Enjoying breakfast, I see."

My cheeks heated up to a point where I am pretty sure they looked like a firetruck.

Trying to appear nonchalant, I casually stuffed my fork of whipped cream, strawberries, and waffles into my mouth and said, "Yeah, so?"

"Smoh, so?" Came his reply. "What does that mean?" 

I quickly swallowed and tried to correct him, "I said yeah, so." 

"No I'm pretty sure I heard 'shmoe show'." He replied.

"But that's not what I said!" I argued back.

"But that's what I heard!" He replied in the same tone of voice.

This guy was beyond infuriating. "I didn't say 'shmoe so' or whatever the hell you heard; I said YEAH SO!" I was standing now and yelling waffles long forgotten. Who did this guy think he was? 

"I know what I heard, dollface, and it wasn't that!" He was yelling now too previous amusement long forgotten.

"No. You clearly don't." I gestured wildly at him.

"Oh-ho-oh. Yes. I do. " He bit off.

"Don't." I stepped closer.

"Do." We were glaring at each other.

"You don't know what you're talking about.'' I stuck a finger in his chest.

He looked down, "Don't touch me, dollface." The warning in his voice was clear. 

I was having none of this bullcrap. Not only was he a thickheaded, obstinate, pigheaded jerk, he was a wussy too! The confusion of the morning plus the building frustration throughout the conversation had combined to push me over the edge. I shoved him. "Or what?" 

In a flash, he had my hands pinned against my sides and my back against the corner. "Or this." He growled. His touch was gentle and rough at the same time. He was pressed up against me in a not-so-friendly way. His was tensed up and examining my features as I was his. 

He had beautiful gray eyes that had storm clouds rolling around in them and gaze that devoured my insides. I glanced down at his lips and saw them for the work of art that they were. Haunting full, pink and pressed in a thin line of anger. His straight black hair jutted out over his forehead in uncontrollable angles and tickled my forehead.

"You don't know who you're dealing with." He ground out.

Zack's voice snapped me back to reality. I mentally slapped myself at my idiotic thoughts, "So why don't you freaking enlighten me." I shot back, hoping to finally get some answers. 

"I would if you would just shut up for one second." Came his exasperated reply.

"Well if you would let go of me, maybe I would." A surprised look crossed his features like he had forgotten he was holding me hostage against the counter.

"Oh, sorry my bad." He let me go and didn't appear the least contrite. In fact he looked quite pleased with himself. I rubbed my wrists and looked at him expectantly. 

He was smirking. I hated that smirk.

Ignoring the idiot's facial expression, I decided to take the high road. "Well you were saying?"

"About what?"

"You were going to talk about," I coughed a little, "Urm last night." I felt my face heat a little at the last bit.

His smirk grew bigger,"Oh riiight, last night." He sang. "Yeah, we danced, we drank, and we came here." He shrugged. "Nothing, much."

"That's it?" I questioned. "We didn't do anything else, nothing at all?"


Something was wrong here, first there was that smirk. He was hiding something. Then there was this mischievous glint in his eyes. This guy had a look like a cat who had just caught someone's prize goldfish. 

"You need to work on your poker face," I stated calmly. I could be scary as hell when I wanted to be.

"What! Huh?" He knew his game was up.

I slowly advanced toward him, " I know you're hiding something from me." He stumbled a little.

"What-no-me-hide something- never." He managed to stutter a little in a high-pitched voice.

"Liar." I got in close. "I don't know now, but I will find out." I threatened in a low voice. 

"There is no-nothing to find out; I-" my heated glare silenced him.

"Tell me now, or-" I quickly wracked my brain for a believable threat. "Or,  I will eat all the food on the bar, and leave you none." I stated using my low, Transformer voice.

"I-," he looked at me. And burst out laughing. Out-loud, honest-to-goodness, stomach-clenching laughter caused him to fall to his knees and start rolling on the floor. I glared at him, but I had to let out a chuckle at my failed attempt of a threat as well. 

"Oh-oh my god!" He finally stood up after several attempted fails. "That!" He exclaimed. "Was the funniest thing I have heard in a loooong time." 

I crossed my arms and muttered,"Oh shut up."

"But seriously though," His eyes twinkled. "I was messing with you, much to my embarrassment, we didn't do anything last night. Well not anything you wanted to anyway." He winked at me. 

My mouth dropped open. The jackass! "You egotistical jerk. I can't believe I found you attractive!"

"That's not what you said a couple hours ago." He was smirking again.

"Pffft, oh please give me a break-" I was cut off my a phone ringing. My phone to be exact. My best friend' s ringtone of "Pound the Alarm" by Nicki Minaj blared out from across the room.

I ran in search of it, but missed her call by one second. I turned on the screen to see 17 missed calls from her and my mother. I then checked the time. It was 10:45. HOLY CRUD! It was 10:45! Shoot, shoot, shoot, I was late. 

I began to frankly run around for the plague to humanity known as heels that I had worn last night. Zack, noticing my frantic searching, held them up with two fingers. "Looking for these?" He questioned. 

"Yes, thank you I'm late  gotta go," I quickly gathered my heels and headed for the door. 

"Hey, let me walk you out," He hurried to catch up with me. 

We took the elevator to the lobby of the hotel and I hailed myself a cab. I quickly got in as he held the door. "So, some other time." He said suggestively. 

No thanks, I don't do relationships. I smirked at him."If we're lucky I will never see you again. " Emphasizing never, I slammed the door shut with gusto and signaled the driver to step on it.

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