Chapter 22

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I wake up to the sound of Happy Birthday being sung, I sit upright to see my dad and Pepper stood in their pajamas at the bottom of my bed. 

"Happy Birthday!" They shout and i can't stop the smile that covers my face. Pepper holds a chocolate covered cake with my name written in blue and an Iron Man suit drawn in icing, with the blue number 16 candles. 

"Aww. Its beautiful." I whisper as i blow out the candles. 

"Happy Birthday kiddo." Dad says passing me a purple gift box, wrapped in ribbon. 

"Thanks." I start to open the box and pull out the silver bracelet. Its a simple silver chain with a charm. A blue Iron Man charm. 

"Its amazing!" I whisper, placing it on my wrist and closing the clasp. I can't stop smiling. 

I never had a proper birthday. I was told when it was but nothing happened on the day, i only knew what i was missing when i watched films showing huge birthdays. 

Dad passes me another gift box, wrapped in purple. I take it from him and lift the lid, i gasp at the contents. A car key. Ferari. 

"I get the ferari?" I ask, shocked. 

"No, you get a new ferari." He points out. 

"Really? Thats amazing! Thank you so much." I say, hugging him and Pepper. 

"You need to get dressed." Dad points out, taking the cake and walking out. 

I find my newly washed genius t-shirt, take a shower and get dressed. I smell bacon and head to the kitchen. The living room is showered with blue and white balloons and banners. I follow the smell of bacon and sit at the kitchen counter as my dad serves me bacon. 

"Yum, thanks." I say, starting to dig in. 

I stop abruptly when my vision goes black and i hear breathing behind me. 

"How is my beautiful birthday girl? Guesse who?" He questions. 

"Um...Captain America?" I tease. I spin around on my chair and face Zeke, his face disappointed. 

"You really didn't know it was me?" He asks, his face falling. 

"Of course i knew it was you, silly." I reply, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him. 

"Happy 16th Birthday." He mumble against my hair. 

"Thank you." 

"You've got the t-shirt on." He points out. 

"Yeah." I turn back around and eat my bacon. 

We drive to the bowling alley, a whole bowling alley for us, with laser quest as well. I beat Pepper, dad and Zeke at bowling. Then we go to laser quest, fighting against each other. 

I duck behind holes and crouch down, giving time for my gun to reload. I feel arms around my waist and i start to scream and giggle at the same time as he tickles me. 

"Zeke, stop it. Im really ticklish." I shriek, trying to fight him off. He shoots me in the chest with the laser and runs off, leaving me on the floor recovering from my tickling attack. 

"Zeke, you're so mean!" I whine, picking up my gun and dodging behind walls. I spot my dad with his back to me, i shoot him straight in the back and his vest vibrates. I duck quickly behind the wall, hiding myself. The ceiling lights come on after half an hour and the music stops. I brush my hair back and wipe the sweat off my forehead. 

"I think i lost." I whine. Zeke leans his arm over me, his arms stinking. 

"Ew. You're all sweaty!" I point out as i gently push him away.

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