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"This is for your own good."

"No, father, please."

His face was firm, his eyes were empty of any emotion, except hate.


That was how it had been for almost as long as I could remember, my back and arms had the red marks on them to remind me of everything that I was finally escaping.

My test results were, unfortunately, as expected: Abnegation.

Where I am trapped now.

But I am going to choose Dauntless. The only place I could be free.

My father will hate me more if he knew, but he will soon know for the Choosing Ceremony is tonight.

I am scared.

I will now be known as the boy who left, in the Abnegation world. There are almost never transfers from Abnegation.

They will remember.

Especially because I am Marcus Eaton's son. The Abnegation leader, along with the leader of the government over all five factions.

But I am brave.

They may hate me. But I will always have the best reason to leave.

The reason is simple:

The man who gave me hell. The man who is my worse nightmare.

The man who is my father.

I am ready.



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