Ch 3: Dead

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A/N Gizmos outfit! it suits her quite well, all her outfits will be so interesting~

OH and there was some confusion based on story setting, I'm not sure how much ill clear this up in the book but to avoid all confusion ill just clear it up now. Its sort of a Sci-fy romance based in England of the 1800's. So no other dimensions or magic (well probably no magic not too sure about that one yet.) or things like that, just a genius girl with a crass personality and a like of odd things.


Gizmo POV:

"and I'm telling you six shillings."

The flabbergasted man stared at me, "thats an outrageous price for something like this."

My lips formed a fine line, "is it now?"


"Then don't buy it."

He practically growled, "but my daughter wants something unique for her birthday."

The corner of my mouth tilted into a tiny smirk as I stared at teacup, it was shaped like a daffodil, the center being the actual cup and the cup plate forming the outer petals. "well its unique."

He glared, "five shillings."

"Seven shillings."

Gritting his teeth he cursed lowly, "fine you wretch six shillings."

"good man you are, I'm sure your daughter will be pleased."

I took the cup from him to box it as he placed the coins on the table, "What sort of shop are you even running here."

Picking up my favorite cane, I swung and hit the sign above the shelves behind me with a lout clack, "tis in the name sir. I sell oddities that are quite curious."

I handed him the package was watched him walk from the shop.

The bell rang again moments after I turned away, a tall young man walking into the shop with open curiosity.

He flashed me a grin, "fascinating shop."

I stared at him, "morning to you too."

If he was put off by my bland response he didn't show it, instead whistling some ungodly tune as he browsed the many shelves. "ah thats right, is the owner here?"

I didn't respond at first, instead looking at his rather well made suit, it would fetch a fine price seeing as it was for a fine man.

Yet he was no fine man.

That was clear by the lack of grooming, he had not a beard yet not a cleanly shaven jaw. his hair was tousled in a way more befitting a bar man than a gentleman.

And then of course there was the glimpse of black ink upon his wrist and arm as he lifted his gloved hand to pluck an item from the shelves.

His gaze shifted over to me, emerald eyes dangerously curious, "miss?"

I gripped the pistol strapped to my leg, "this shop is mine."

He broke into an utterly delighted grin, "wonderful! I'm looking for someone, afraid I haven't had any luck in my past days in London."

My mind flashed back to the stranger Mr. Earnheart had mention. "Is that so? Mr..?"

Another easy smile, "Killian Blythe."

It was then I noted the accent. It had a twinge of Irish.

Half I assumed considering the tone was dominantly english as was the surname. "Well Mr Blythe I doubt you'll have any luck here either."

Slowly he approached the counter I stood behind, "Ah. I figured as much, I doubt a woman would just walk these parts carelessly."

His eyes flickered to my pistol, "at least not one who was unaccustomed to toting a gun with her." He seemed to realize something belatedly, "Are you wearing pants?"

I rolled my eyes, "yes."

"you are a woman yes?" His eyes flickered up to  my breasts.

Lovely swine this man. "You are a chauvinist who believes in the conineneing layers that is a hoop skirt yes?"

he laughed lowly, "a feisty little thing ain't you?"

"As feisty as you are dodgy Mr. Blyth. Now unless you are looking for something to buy or have further inquiry about your missing woman, I don't have leniency for loiterers." 

He shrugged, "You seem much more fascinating than my missing woman miss..." his dark brows rose expectantly.

"They call me Gizmo."

"fascinating, Well then Gizmo, its a pleasure to meet you. If a young woman by the name of Ginnie walks into this shop be sure to tell her that I'm looking for her."

I nodded, pretending I would, a bit irritated that he had dropped formality with me after learning of my name.

"One more thing Gizmo."

I started flipping through the shops day book. "yes?"

"Ginnie Gladstone."

My fingers froze a moment on the parchment, "is that supposed to mean something."

"Her full name. Thank you for your time."

He started for the door, "Mr. Blythe."

He peered at me, sly smile forming, "yes?"

"How long did you say you would be in London?"

His wicked green eyes flickered with mirth, "Until I find my missing woman. I'm a patient man you see,  and no problem living in such a fine city." He gave a mock of a bow, "see you around Gizmo."

I watched him go.

Ginnie Gladstone.

He would be here in this city for the rest of his days so long as he insisted on finding her. 

No one knows her around here.

And why would they?

Miss Gladstone is dead.

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