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"I already checked all the feeds and none of it shows any of you", said Denise as she slammed close her laptop, "Unfortunately, your friend didn't appear in any of it too, I have a feeling he must have ordered his minions to smash the cameras before making his move".

I wasn't happy that we couldn't get Trichloris on camera but somehow grateful too that he didn't appear because it might cause the risk of letting the others know that I had lied about seeing him.

Speaking of which. "Dad, can I see you for a moment in the study?", I asked much to the surprise of everyone. We were all in a meeting discussing how the battle at the Manor went, which was won rather easily, thanks to our earlier encounter with Trichloris' disciples and Denise's Dragon, what we learnt from it and the planning of our next move so I understand how strange it must have felt for me to ask to see Oliver alone at that moment.

Anyway, he answered, "Yes, of course" and we proceeded to the study.

"Dad, I lied", I said as soon the study door was closed behind us- Better to get things started right away, don't you think?

"About what?", he asked with a concerned look on his face.

"I saw Trichloris", I replied, "And he told me something I need you to verify".

He took a seat and offered me another, the expression accompanying every action telling me that he might already have known what I want to ask.

"What do you want to know?", he asked again.

"What you know about archwizards", I replied and quickly added, "And please, no lies or secrets".

He nodded affirmative before glancing into space as if trying to conjure the knowledge from there, "The archwizards originated from the time of Merlin the wizard, it was even rumoured that he was the first of the kind...".

He explained that legend has it that Merlin was the most powerful magician to have ever lived. So great was his power that when he died, it didn't die with him but couldn't stay in his body either so it rose out of it, split itself into many parts and moved out to find new bodies to occupy. They couldn't merge with wizards because they already have the essence of magic living in them and adding a new one would probably result in their deaths so they merged with the normals instead, laying dormant within their souls. Those normals became known as the Carriers although no one was able to decipher that such a power was within them at that time.

It turned out that whenever a wizard had a child with a Carrier, the power in the carrier moved into the child and mixed with the magic inherited from the wizard parent, causing his power to be more advanced than that of the wizard parent, those children became the first born archwizards although the ancients referred to them as Cyfuns.

Everything was going fine with the archwizards and even their prowess became legendary in the magic community until they suddenly started losing control of their sanity and began hurting themselves and the people around them. The mages tried to cover it up but it was becoming harder and the normals were becoming aware of the magic community so they ordered the death of every archwizards, even the newborns. It was later learnt that the insanity was a side effect of the immense powers they had, an effect that even affected Merlin himself.

The thing is, a wizard, like every normal human, is supposed have either his light or dark side as the dominant one but the archwizards had both of theirs dominant, causing a strife within their souls and the eventual insanity.

"That explains the massacre of the archwizards", I said after he had concluded, "But how do I fit in any of this?"

"Well, here's how you fit in...".

Oliver got a call from the research wing of the Council of Magic telling him that his magical expertise was needed. On getting there, they told him everything he had just told me about the archwizards before saying that they needed him to create a device that could find if a normal is a carrier or not. To help find revive the archwizards, they had said He was linked up with another wizard who would help him with the project, Nicole Slaine.

The thing is, they had been sworn to secrecy so they couldn't go to the Estate to execute the task. Fortunately, Nicole had an apartment in Krestwick so that became their base, Oliver choosing to travel back and forth. After working everyday, they usually go out to relax in a coffee shop where Sam, my mom and also a good friend of Nicole's at that time, worked. One day, they had to bring in work to the coffee shop because they were stuck on a certain part of the research and my mom, who happened to be an history freak, helped them out and she became a kinda unofficial member of the team. At a point, Nicole had to leave Oliver and my mom to the research because she had an urgent matter to take care of.

After almost a year, he finally succeeded. As a test drive, he activated the device only for it to lead him to my mom who was coming to give him her own news, she was pregnant with me. He couldn't tell her what was really happening but explained to her that he has to leave for her own sake and mine too. She didn't take it nicely but agreed anyway. He wasn't sure if the mages were telling the truth about reviving the archwizard line and he couldn't risk it with me as a target so he destroyed the device and every research he had made before leaving to tell the mages that the task can never be completed.

"And that's everything", he concluded but I felt that some things still didn't add up.

"How then did grandpa Blake and Francesca find out?", I asked.

"The secret and the grief of leaving you was too much for me to bear alone so I told the only person I could trust, Francesca, who told father", he said, "Together, we placed a very powerful barring spell on you to prevent any occurrence of magic and agreed that my father will keep an eye on you".

The plan had been working until Trichloris somehow caught wind of me and made Abigail destroy the barring spell- I still don't understand how that happened but I doubt Trichloris will be happy to indulge me with a reply, don't you?

We both sat in silence after that, the same thought echoing through our minds; Now that the truth is here, what exactly do we do next?

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