Dating the Son of Zeus *14*

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Walking out of the front of the school I stopped. Leonidas and Perseus came to stand beside me. Taking a deep breath I attempted to clear my thoughts of Hector but it was no use. Looking up at the bright blue sky I sighed. It was a much to beautiful day to deal with a problem such as awful as Hector.

"I swear, he is the biggest jerk I have ever met," said Perseus.

"Yeah. Where does he get off calling me the 'dim witted muscle'?" Leonidas said with disgust in his voice.

"And me the pathetic excuse for a side kick?" Perseus added.

"You both know he just said those things to get a rise out of you. And you're giving him exactly what he wants," I reminded them.

"You're right," Leonidas agreed.

I started down the front steps of the school, searching for both Penelope and Sophia. I was ready to not only get myself away from Hector, but Sophia as well. I didn't trust Hector, and clearly I wasn't the only one.

"You know his being here isn't a good thing," Perseus reminded me.

"I'm aware of that Perseus, but there really isn't much I can do. I can't very well send him back. And fighting him would do nothing other than to stroke his ego to know that he makes me that furious," I said turning the corner to the parking lot.

"Well yes, but fighting him would also stroke my ego by beating him," Leonidas said with a rather evil grin.

"No one's fighting anyone. My main concern is Sophia. I want to keep her away from Hector at all costs. Once he finds out that I love her, well, I don't know what he'll do. And that troubles me." I admitted honestly.

"Don't worry Hercules, you know we would never let anything bad happen to her," Perseus said clapping a hand on my shoulder. I took comfort in it. To know that I had such true and loyal friends. Friends who would die to protect someone that they barely knew, all because they knew she ment everything to me.

Finally, I spotted the car, along with Penelope and Sophia safely inside. We walked over and the three of us climbed in. Sliding in the back beside Sophia I wrapped my arm around her. She gave me a warm smile before relaxing beside me. Penelope pulled out of the parking lot and drove towards the apartment. I didn't pay attention to the drive, or to the constant set of looks Penelope was throwing me in the rear view mirror. I was much too focused on the amazing girl was beside me. As she rested her cheek on me, I could feel the warmth from it. Her delicate arm snaked around my waist and I couldn't hold back my content sigh.

We finally reached the apartment. Penelope gave our keys to the vallet and we made our way inside. Walking into the apartment, I felt at ease I was always concious of the fact that this place was no Mount Olympus, but over the past weeks that I had been here, I had come to really enjoy it. It was bright and open, much unlike the rest of this bustling city. I was just sitting down on the couch with Sophia when Leonidas spoke.

"Oh I have a message from the mechanic. Sophia's car is all finished. We can go and pick it up anytime."

"Well we might as well do it now," Perseus said. "Come on, I'll go with you."

I watched them as they both left the apartment. I couldn't wait to see Sophia's car. From what Leonidas had told me, it was sure to be a great improvement over what it had been. More than anything I was excited for her to see what it would look like. I knew in the back of my mind that she would protest. I could already hear her telling me that it was too much and that she couldn't possible accept something like that, but she had no idea how much she really did deserve. She had no idea how much I wanted and would give her. Sophia standing suddenly made me stand as well.

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