Squidward suicide

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Ok this was a spongebob episode that got completely wrong. So in the nickelodeon studio were they filmed and that stuff there was a guy who worked there named jack( I made that up I forgot the name) he thought that spongebob was always so boring. So one day he made a episode called " squidward suicide" everyone in the studio watched it so here's the story. So it started off as a normal episode of spongebob only you can see squidward. Spongebob was laughing outside while squidward was yelling at him. Like always.

He was practicing for his recital that night. So he went to his recital. Here is when the creepy thing happened everyone's eyes looked extremely real. Like human eyes. Squidwards eyes were like that too. Spongebob was also there with Patrick. So he tried to play his song but he messed up. So every one booed at him. But this wasn't any normal spongebob booing it was like booing with no background music. It was also very human like booing spongebob was booing also . People in the studio were very scared but kept on watching.

Then a scene happened but the only thing is when you go to a scene there are bubbles closing in. But in this episode it was just a scene that appeared. In this part squidward is crying in his bed for about 5 minutes then a flash came for 2 half of a second so the director of spongebob rewinded it to check what that flash was. Ok who ever is skid under 7 leave now I don't know why your even using wattpad. So the studio group saw a dead boy wit his body sliced open in a ally with his eyes streaming down with his organs spilled out everywhere with a shadow taking a picture. People in the studio was starting to vomit and being to scared to see. some people left. But the director and some of the crew kept on watching. So another flash happend but this time it was a little girl with a sliced body but it was starting with her head her brain was right beside her and organs spilled out everywhere. With a mans shadow taking the picture.

Ok people thought that the person taking the picture wasn't like a crime scene picture but the man taking the picture was the killer. Ok we are going to the end here. The next scene showed squid ward crying blood from his eye lids and somthing told him to DO IT so squidward pulled up a shot gun and put in under his chin and pulled the trigger. And all off his realistic blood splatter was every where it was a very realistic blood splatter then spongebob went it got a knife and cut his neck. They both just layer there dead.

That was the story of squidward suicide. Comment and vote for me thanks every one

Creepy? I will do another creepy pasta

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