Chapter 10: My Life Saver ♥

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*My P.O.V*

After I hung up on brianna i decided to read..then all of a sudden a shadow came over my sun i was getting.. so i looked up to see who it was..

"Liam?" I questioned. Liam is my ex boyfriend.

"Yes.." he laughed.

"oh my gosh! i haven't seen you in forever!" I sat up alittle more.

"I know! so hows life?" He asked me sitting down at the end of my beach chair.

"Could be better.." I started to think about Justin...

"Ohh. why's that??? I put his hand on my knee.

"it's nothing.." I shrugged. "don't worry about it... so hows your life?" I said trying to change the subject.

"Pretty Good!"

"Gooood!" I smiled.

"Soo.... i was wondering, do you wanna go have lunch with me?" He asked smiling.

"Sure why not." I put my kindle away and grabbed my bag..


"Air Hockey!" I ran over to the air hockey tabel, "Come on Liam we have to play!!"

"Alright.. alright." He chuckled and put a dollar in...We hit it around a few times and I already had 7 points.

"You suck!" I laughed.

"No, I'm letting you win!" He looked at me.

"Sureee!" I hit the puck hard.


"HAAAAAA! in your face! i won!" I did my victory dance. Then plopped down in the couch in my room.

 "I let you win!" He kept trying to convince me in that.

"Sure.. that explains the 3 games in a row.." i laughed.

"You wanna know something?" He turned to look at me.

"Sure?" I wish he would just get it through his mind that i don't want him back...

"You look goreous."

"Liam... we've been through this... i don't like you anymore..."

"you sure about that?" he started to get closer to me.

"Completely." I moved away from him... but he pulled me in.. and kissed me. and kept kissing me.. I pulled back. "Liam! stop!" He tired kissing me agian. but i yelled. "GET OFF ME!!" But he didn't listen.

*Justin's P.O.V*

I was woken up by mia screaming...

"Liam stop!" Was the first thing. Then. "GET OFF ME!!" I jumped out of bed and ran out into the living room.. i was scared he might hurt her.


"Suuure... what are you gonna do about it?" He stood up coming over to me. I took a swing and punched his face and he punched back and i punched him again and threw him out of the room.. then mia ran into my arms.

*My P.O.V*

Justin held me really tight...and i burried my face into his chest.

"I love you sooo much!" i started to cry.

"I love you too.. and I'm soo sorry about what i did... please forgive me.. i was stupid.." I whispered running my fingers through her hair.

"Of course i forgive you!" He pulled away from hugging me, "No don't let go!"

"I won't ever let go..." He picked me up in his arms and brought me into our room. He put his arms around me.. and i cuddled my head into his chest..


Sorry these chapters are short! keep readinggg! I PROMISE they'll get longerrr soon.(:



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