Ch 2: A Good Woman.

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Gizmo POV:

I hate Sundays, the busy streets of London slowed for church and customers feared the lord would strike them dead for going into my shop.

So I stayed closed on Sundays and did whatever it was that needed doing.

Today was the unfortunate chore of shopping for materials and foods.

I deeply disliked shopping especially on Sunday because it required my wearing a dress less I be verbal accosted in sharp whispers by all the proper ladies on the street. It was always a massive waste of my time to have some nippy woman stopping me in the street to update me on the latest trends in women's fashions and what is proper for a young lady.

I only have so many hours in a day I would rather not spend it on mad women who think I'm a randy little harlot.

Pulling on my gloves and hat I stalked into the streets, making my way from the back ally markets to those on main street.

Main street. It was almost always busy and full of all sorts of types; pickpockets and prudes, gentlemen and grotty drunks, you name it and you could probably find it right on main street.

It was annoying really.

Trudging on cobblestones to shove your way through crowds seemed to be a bit much in order to buy some bloody carrots.

And yet we all did.

It was terribly boring really. 

I just needed some flour, vegetables, and a visit to the butcher and yet thanks to main street it would take me well over three hours.

Perhaps I really should become a harlot, then maybe I could get my many lovers to do such meaningless tasks for me while I worked.

I muled over the thought as I sorted through onions, in the end deciding it would be boring to have a string of lovers. 

What sort of challenge would it provided to simply have a man to bed?

I stared at the boy working the vegetable cart as he eyed the food. His scrawny features giving away the obvious fact of nutrition he's been receiving, "and why is a child running a vegetable cart of misshapen and somewhat damaged goods?"

He blinked at me, "I got no mum or pa and I need to feed my sisters Ma'am."

I hummed at him, "well what looks good to you?"

He shrugged, "everything looks good when you're hungry ma'am."

I nodded a bit, an amused tilt turning my lips, "ah in that case take these and whatever looks its best, and give me three of theses onions while your at it boy."

I slapped some coins into his tiny boney hand.

He stared in awe, "thank you ma'am! with this I can feed us and by my sister a new pair of shoes for the winter!"

I hummed taking my onions and stalking off.


"Miss Gizmo!"

I tisked removing the key from my shops lock and turning to face Mrs. Earnheart her face scrunched in displeasure. I made no effort at a smile, "what a lovely surprise."

She bristled, "I hear my husband stopped by for a visit."

I leaned against the door jamb, "you know the rumors Mrs. Earnheart I have lots of male visitors, no one has ever said I kept track of them. I just call them all Jack."

Her pale cheeks painted red, "you dreadful girl, do you take the institute of marriage as a joke? it is a holy vow and a blessing placed upon us by the lord!"

Dear god here we go about marriage again. "Yes."

She looked positively baffled, "p-pardon?"

"I take the institute of marriage as a joke. A boring one at that, why even talk about it when there is such a fascinating topic such as divorce?"

She looked almost as purple as her hideous dress, "by god you must have demons in you child to even think on such a concept!"

I blinked at her, "is that so?"

"J-Just stay away from my husband! we do not need scandal!"

Sighing I shook my head, "Mrs. Earnheart you know very well why your husband is aquatinted with me."

She practically hissed, "he only came here once to have his leg replaced by some mad scientist! if I had known it was the back ally's orphaned scandal I would never have allowed it! and there was only need for one visit not another last night!"

"Perhaps you should pay less attention to you needlepoint more attention to the world around you Mrs Earnheart then you would know where your husband goes. I denied the invitation to dinner just so you are know. I had the strange urge not to consume arsenic given to me by a ninny so I simply had to pass it up." I gave a brief nod and a tip of my hat before slipping into the shop, "good day Mrs. Earnheart."

"I was not done speaking with you-"

"Good day."

I slammed the door shut and locked it behind me, closing the curtains I kept upon the door, plunging the room into darkness.

"Daft women and their damned ideas." I retreated to my bedroom beneath the shop for a bit of Gin and a good book.

there is nothing I enjoyed more than a drink that burns and a book that would hurt my reputation more because it is beyond the level of education proper for a good woman. 

Another boring concept.

A good woman.

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