51. Last Fall

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"We need to get out of here." I stood up. The elevator swung. I slowly walked over to the button in search of the emergency one. I found it and held it. Nothing happened.

"Do you have your phone?" Justin asked. 

"No." I answer. I banged on the door. "HEEELP!" I yelled. The elevator jolted again. 

"Ri, come over here and sit down." Justin said. 

I slowly walked over to him and sat in between his legs, with my back to his chest. His inked arm went across my waist. 

"I'm so tired babe." Justin admitted. 

"Wanna lay you head across my lap?" I offered. 

"Yes." Justin got up from behind me and laid his head across my lap.

He closed his eyes. I took in all his perfect features. My fingers trailed over his hairline. A pleased smile appeared on his lips. 

"You look so peaceful." I smiled.

"Why wouldn't I be?" 

"We're stuck in an elevator." I reminded. 

"I have you, so I'm just fine." He reopened his eyes. They were red. He's clearly tired. I rested my hand at the side of his head. My thumb rubbed circles gently against his temple. 

"Go to sleep." I spoke softly.

I leaned my head against the wall. I prayed for us to get out of this elevator before I had another anxiety attack. The lights were flickering. I knew we were about to fall again, but who knew how many feet.

"Babe, get up. We have to get out of here, now!" I got up and went to the door. I wiggled my fingers in the crack of the door and pulled. My fingers slipped. I tried again and it budged. The elevator jolted a bit. 

"Justin, the door is opening! I need your help." I rushed. He got up and placed his fingers where mine were. We pulled in opposite directions. The door revealed a little light. I could see men's legs and feet. 

"HELP!" I screamed. I heard voices. A head appeared. 

"They got it open!" The man said. 

"Please help!" I pleaded. 

"Okay, don't worry. We'll get you right out." He said.

Me and Justin finished opening the door. The elevator had fallen in between levels. There was about a foot and a half room to get through. I was too short to reach the opening. "Young man, you have to lift her up and we'll pull her through." The man informed. I looked back at Justin. 

"Justin, I don't want to leave you." 

"I'll be right behind you, Ri." 

"What if it falls again?" I stood back. 

"Baby, you're wasting time." He led me to the door. "Everything's gonna to be fine." He promised. I nodded. 

He grabbed my legs and lifted me into the air. I grabbed the tiled floor in front of me and reached out. Two men grabbed my arms and pulled me through.

I turned around. Right when Justin was about to reach his hand up, the elevator jolted again. It sent him to the floor. 

"JUSTIN!" I yelled. Someone grabbed me and held me back.

"Come on, we have to do this fast!" The man shouted. I watched as they reached over for Justin's hand and began to pull him up. I saw the lights flicker again. I released myself from the hold. I ran to Justin and grabbed his arm to help.

"Hurry! It's going to fall again!" I cried. 

We pulled him the rest of the way through. I wrapped my arms securely around him. I saw the lights flickered again. Then, the elevator fell. Justin held my head into his chest.

The was a loud thump that vibrated the whole hotel. Justin kissed the top of my head and said, 

"We made it babe." 

"Thank God." I continued to whimper into his chest.

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