Chapter Four

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Tonks fell asleep early into the train ride as she always did leaving Anora and Charlie to talk amongst themselves for the majority of the ride. Something they never had a problem doing. Anora had picked up Iggy and set the sleepy cat in her lap, playing with him slightly. His sleepy state made the cat appear as though as he was drunk, blindly batting his paw at Anora's taunting finger that poked him.

She laughed and Charlie smiled, observing the bond between the witch and her beloved pet. The way Anora handled any animal was always with such affection, even if it was quite a dangerous animal, she treated them as if they were all balls of fluff. Something Charlie admired but also scolded Anora for, especially when it led to her getting hurt, which was more than often.

Of course, Charlie was one to talk, the amount of times he had been bitten or scratched would be enough to send his mother into a crazed episode. That's why he never cared to mention it unless needed.

Iggy grabbed Anora's hand with all of his paws and gave her thumb a playful bite. Anora squeaked but continued the play. Sometimes it was hard for Charlie to believe that the girl who was sitting beside him was the same girl he had met in first year. The girl who was so quiet and hid behind her hair. The girl that really only spoke when she was in the presence of her cat. The girl who had caught Charlie's attention from the very beginning with her unusual hair color that seemed to match her unique personality.

Now, her hair was even whiter, if that was even possible, she didn't hide behind her locks either, she embraced them. Tonks had taught her how during first year, the master of confidence. Now, Anora spoke with confidence, no longer afraid if people were going to judge her, if they did, she didn't care. Cracking through her shy exterior, Anora revealed herself to be a funny girl, always saying something to earn a smile out of the two of them or whoever she was around.

Even Tonks had changed over the years, while still rebellious and slightly mischievous at heart, Tonks developed a softer side when it came to being around her friends. If they were ever in need, she was always there, ready to protect or support. She had a big heart. The heart dedicated to her friends and family, forever loyal to the ones she loved.

As Charlie looked at his two childhood companions, he wondered if he had changed at all over the years like they did. Sure, his hair had grown longer, but had he had grown as a person? He wasn't sure.

Anora glanced over at him and caught him staring.

"You alright there?" she asked him dropping her hand much to Iggy's relief.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just in my own dream world." he said waving his hand near his head.

"You ought to be careful, Charlie, one day you'll get stuck in there." she said.

"That's the plan, isn't it? To live in a world that's just like your dreams."

"I suppose so. I never gave it that much thought."

"Why not?"

"If you lived in your dream world and had everything you ever wanted, what would you have to look forward to?" Anora asked him.

"Waking up every morning and realizing it wasn't a dream." he said.

"Would you even have dreams if you lived in your dream world?"

"Why must you two get so philosophical while I sleep?" Tonks grunted from beneath her robes.

"Sorry Tonks." the two chuckled.

"I'll tell you about the dream I had." Tonks said lying out across the seats, her arms tucked beneath her head.

"What was it?" Anora inquired.

"I was the best damn Auror the ministry's ever seen. Kicking major arse and taking names."

Anora snorted. "That's not a dream, Tonks. You're going to end up doing that anyways."

"You really think so?" Tonks asked her. "Professor Sprout seems to think otherwise."

"That's because you drive her mental." Charlie pointed out.

"I don't consider it trouble until she says it's trouble." Tonks said.

"As head of your house, Tonks, I don't think she likes getting you in trouble, you kinda bring it upon yourself." Charlie said.

"Yeah like the one time you kept making pig faces in class." Anora reminded her.

"Or the time you changing your hair to distract the class." Charlie added.


"Okay, I get it." Tonks said. "But don't you two sit there and act like you're perfect little angels. Do you remember the numerous occasions you two have snuck into the the Forbidden Forest?"

"I don't know what you are talking about." Charlie said.

"Forbidden Forest what's that?" Anora questioned.

"Mmmhmm, you two do just as many things that you're not supposed to do."

"But there's a difference Tonks," Charlie told her.

"Oh yeah and what's that?"

"We don't get caught." Anora smiled.

"Yeah well, that's because you've got Hagrid on your side. It's not like he would rat you guys out. But that's besides the point, all I'm trying to say is it wouldn't kill Sprout to laugh every once in awhile. Laughing is good for the soul."

"So is Quidditch." Charlie added earning a groan from the girls.

"Aww come on Charlie, can't you wait until we're at least at the castle to start your babble about quidditch?" Tonks whined.

"Well then!" Charlie said crossing his arms with a big grin on his face. "I don't see it as babble. "

"Of course you don't, you're the one babbling."

Maybe it's just you who sees it as babbling because Anora doesn't. Do you Anora?"

Anora didn't answer as she focused out the window.

"Oooh look grass!"

Tonks laughed as Charlie went red.


"Sorry Charlie."

"Fine, I won't talk about quidditch anymore." he said. "For the rest of the year."

"Thank Merlin's beard." Tonks sighed.

"Oh Charlie," Anora arose and walked over to sit closer to him. "You can talk about quidditch all you want.." she told him.


Anora nodded.

"Thank you Anora."

"Tonks and I just won't listen all the time."


She patted his leg. "You're very welcome."

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