POEM: Tears Behind the Stars

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The brightness falls

As darkness rules

Tiny gorgeous lights

I see with my clear sight.

They're beautiful as always

More beautiful than the sun's rays

Above they're glittering

They fill the sky shimmering.

A flashback from my past

The two of us don't last

Because of mistakes we made

And the things we wrongly said.

Your initial was printed

On a light full of hatred

Still I think your sweetness

We're separated because of carelessness.

As I sang our song

Still gazing the stars so long

Forgetting anything's wrong

But that time we're so strong.

Behind our consequences

We jumped on the highest fences

Sharing our ready sentences

Your love and care I witness.

A strong man became weak

A man who's true and not fake

A tear was flowing from my face to fist

My tears behind the stars I resist.

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