One of us

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"So Andy, since your one of Mayday Parade now, we do need to get everything you need, the store to get you more clothes, cause all you have is the stuff you have on and your medical in your bag." Dad said opening the doors to the car for all of us as I shout a quick thank you.
"First off, Wanna go to hot topic?" Brooks said.
"Fuck yeah I do, I need more band merch and picks." I laughed.
(We go to the car and drive to the mall)
"Damn paparazzi..." Cabbage growled
I laughed at him.
"Andy, stay close I got you." Alex said.
(We get out the car but are bombarded by the paps, and quickly run inside.)
"thank god we made it out alive" dad laughed
"I may have accidently broken they're toes..." I said jokingly
Jake laughed "good one, kid"
(We go in hot topic and buy a lot of stuff)
"How much money was I supposed to spend? Didn't want to get beat for spending too much like my parents did all those years ago..." I say grimacing at the memory sadly.
The boys were a little taken back by that statement.
"What? We would never do that to an awesome guy like you, or anyone for that matter. You are perfectly safe here. We're chill. We fund you. We got money, don't worry" Dad smiled.
Suddenly Alex went into protective dad mode "if you see them or hear from them and they lay a finger on you, I will personally use my guitar as a weapon of mass destruction"
I went up and I hugged him
"Didn't see this coming" Alex laughed, looking down at me.
"Thanks man, no one's ever said something so nice or evilly menacing to me before." I cried.
The boys smiled warmly at me.
We get out when Dad payed for everything but that's not the end. We then went to a toys r us and GameStop combination. A kids paradise.
"Tekken action figures?!?! Yooooo"
"You want it little man?" Alex asked
"Yeah. This is like a dream come true."
"We already have Tekken 7 at the house, bro" cabbage states.
I went into hype mode.
"I might need u to meet some people that I know, kid." Dad said
"Sure dad. Anything for you." I said. His heart looks like it melted.
"Let's go then!" Jake said as we went back to the car, no paparazzi in sight and went home.

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