"I wish I could paint our love. These moments and vibrant hues."

- Miguel



"So he's going to do the grand opening of the club and shop a week apart or same night?" Bri asked as I told the furniture workers where to put everything.

"No he plans to open the shop three days before his birthday. I'm going to surprise him on his birthday with the club being that he thinks it will be ready in another month. He hasn't had time to come in here because of well me, dealing with his past, Londyn and his maybe baby, his mom, and lastly Autumn.

"Damn. Wait rewind. What you say again?" Bri eyes blinked fast. Moniece walked in and hugged the both of us.

"Hey boo. Wait which part you want to hear again?" I greeted Mo and returned my attention to Bri.

"Yea hey heifer." Bri greeted Mo fanning her away and got a slap to the head.

"I'm not no damn cow trick. Keep it up and I'm gone slice you like a duck." Mo rolled her eyes and nodded in approval at the club.

"I know right. He's going to love it." I was beyond ecstatic.

"Did you do that?" Bri asked pointing to the wall over the stage. It was a mural of August I've painted. Whenever he was out I would spend time at the club and get it done. Took a minute but I finally had finished it.

"Yes. Why? Something wrong?"

"Hell no that shit is breathtaking!" Moniece clapped.

"Well thank you I-"

"Yea it's nice okay look what's this about Anthony having a baby?" Bri cut me off and got back to our previous conversation.

"Well me and Anthony went out for dinner a few weeks back and some chick popped up at our table asking him did he remember her. He said no. She kept pressing the issue making me mad so I asked her to get to the point and she said she had a six year old son that may be his. The little boy is beautiful but I know for a fact that he isn't Anthony's."

"How do you know?" The both of them asked. The head man of the furniture crew told me that he was done. I nodded and told him to let me double check and he can be on his way. I walked through the club checking off everything I was suppose to have and making sure it was all in place unscratched.

"It's like I just know. I feel it in my heart. It's not me saying that because I selfishly want to have his first baby but just because I feel it. I can't explain it but I just know." I told them walking back over. I signed the invoice and got my copy as the crew left. The only thing that was left to do is unpack all of the beverages and set up the bar.

"I think I know what you are saying in a way. Being with Christian for three years now have changed a lot. Like I know when he's mad, upset, or hurt without him having to say a word. I know when he's lying and dead telling the truth." Moniece and Bri followed me so we could set up.

"So everything okay now?" I asked referring to the miscarriage. They seemed good on Christmas eve but I'm not sure.

"Yes. Christian has been trying to plant his seed in my flower every chance he get. He trying to turn me into a nympho." Bri and I laughed hysterically. Moniece facial expression was hilarious.

"Whatever. What about you and Anthony?" She rolled her eyes.

"Uhh good." I sighed and finished setting the glasses up.

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