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Comment any requests!!! I'll do more than one X reader of one character, for example; I make a Brynjolf X Reader but you want a different one, well just say so and I'll go and make another Brynjolf X Reader XD

Request Rules: Has to be a character from the video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, can be someone from a mod, like the romance mod, you'll just need to say what mod it's from, can be male or female, please clarify if you want female on female or male on male if you don't I'll assume it's female on male, I WILL NOT DO LEMONS!!!! I will repeat a character, you can request as much as you'd like, I'll complete ALL requests, give me time to complete requests, not to be bias but if you're a follower the odds of your request being answered faster is higher, some will be short you can request another and I'll do it right away if the one you got is a bit shorter, clarify if you want it to be a certain race X Reader, clarify if you want the Reader to be the Dovahkiin, clarify if you want the reader to be related to some characters, clarify if you want the reader to have a backstory, and give me the backstory for the reader if you want. Please clarify anything else you deem necessary. Thank you. Do not request if the title says requests closed.


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