EXACTLY (that's right I updated! :D) Part 5 Carter's POV

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Warning: Gets sexual. If you don't want to read don't. No one is making you read but if you do read don't complain at the sexual parts. Hope you can't wait until the next part though. Line Of Lies will be updated as soon as possible but I wrote this all day today so you guys could see it. I know I haven't updated in a while but I had other things I NEEDED to do beforehand so this took a backseat. I'll try to update more often now though. I think a new part will be on soon because I know where it's going right now. So here is part 5 everyone. Read and enjoy:

Scotty started to get red in the face. He was angry and wanted to yell at me. He wouldn't because he knew I'd cut again. I knew I was the reason for the cut on his wrist. I knew I was wrecking his life and had to fix it as best I could. In order to do that I'd have to wreck all that was good in my life. I did what I had to do.

"Scotty we're not going to work out. We have to break up. An "emo" and a bipolar kid won't and don't work out. We're too different. I care for you deeply..." I was interrupted.

"Then don't leave me. If you care don't leave me. I love you Carter."

"You'd be better with someone that doesn't put scars on their body or be the reason you do. I have to go." I shook my head and choked on the last sentence as a tear fell down my cheek. My sight got blurry as more threatened to fall. I started to walk away but Scotty grabbed my arms and hugged me.

"I will let this be the end like you want it to be but know I don't agree with you. I love you and always will." He kissed my forehead and walked away. I got home and cried. I

picked up a razor blade but couldn't do the deed because I only allowed myself one scar a year and it wasn't a new year yet. I had wasted my one scar for this year on a dumb argument instead of waiting for when a better time came along. That was so dumb and typical of me.

That night when I went to sleep I had a nightmare. I was on a bridge; a railroad bridge. It had no railings to hold onto and it was above a river. Scotty was on the other side motioning for me to walk to him. I was standing in the middle of the bridge. He told me to walk to him and he slowly walked towards me. I got to him and we were still on the bridge. He smiled an evil smile, said he loved me, and pushed me off. I fell towards the water and splashed but it didn't feel like a splash it felt like I had hit a brick wall. Halfway through the fall in the air I had gone into third person though. I was on the outside looking in at the situation I could see myself fall. I felt it as I hit the water but I didn't see the blurriness above me because of the water. I was still looking down and I saw the blood. I saw the girl down there and I didn't recognize her but I saw the blood coming from her body. I could tell she was dead. She couldn't have survived. With this I woke up in a cold sweat it had just been a nightmare; only a nightmare.

It was morning so I rolled out of bed and put a bunch of clothes on and went to school. Scotty looked at me as I passed his locker but he didn't say anything. He just shook his head. I looked back at him and looked him in the eyes. I could see tears forming there but I was so use to sadness that that detail didn't make me cry at all. I just kept walking but I felt someone staring at me. I turned around; now at my locker, and saw Scotty.

"Scotty it was for the best. You'll find someone better and you'll be happier with her. You'll be happy I'm gone. Go find her. Now go to class before you get in trouble." I turned back around. I could sense he was still there so I turned to face him. "What?"

"How are you going to stay out of trouble by missing class?" In response to his question I pulled a late pass out of my pocket and smiled an annoyed smile.

"Any more questions?" I asked.

"No; at least not for in school right now, maybe later." He walked away.

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