Ch 1: It's a Hand

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A/N: shhh this is a new book don't tell anyone I'm at it again!


Gizmo POV

"Miss Gizmo!"

I peered up from the latest addition to my shop, the two headed swine was an interesting find but oddly hard to sell, "Hello Mr Earnheart how's the leg?"

The older man grinned broadly at me, "don't tell my wife dear girl but you are an angel sent from the lord  himself."

That I doubted severely.

"not a single problem thanks to you, you really must stop by for dinner as a thanks sometime."

I sighed, "ah but your ninny wife would be terribly convinced we were committing sin with one another."

He laughed, despite the fact I had just called his wife a ninny, waving me off. "bollocks, you deserve a good home cooked meal and some company now and again."

Did I now? "I see."

"Yes, and my nephew is here in London for the time being, I am sure he would be delighted to meet you."

Another old man trying to marry me into the family? I shook my head, "I assure you I am fine without such attentions Mr. Earnheart."

He shook his head, "your seventeen now, two more years and you will start earning the title of spinster. I married my wife when she was fourteen."

Marriage again, why does everyone insist upon talking marriage, its such a dreadfully boring topic, "I'm afraid I'm married to my work, unfortunately a woman cannot have two loves and thus one would end in divorce. I can honestly say my shop will not be my divorcée."

He looked disappointed but knew me well enough to drop the subject, "oh and miss Gizmo?"


"My wife say's there is a rumor of man poking around the back alleys of London, shady one at that. Be careful when walking these streets?"

I pulled my pistol from its hidden place amongst my clothes, "I'm not one you need to worry about, I assure you."

I waited for him to walk from the shop before turning to the jarred pig, flicking the glass with one finger, resting my chin upon my spare hand, "well I find you fascinating even if no one else thinks so."

Picking up the jar I replaced on the shelves behind me and skirting around the counter.

The sun was falling on the already gloomy streets, it was nearly high time I cleaned up and put the locks on the door.

"Excuse me ma'am?"

A skinny boy with oil smudged on his face walked into my shop.

"I don't have any spare change or food for you."

He shook his head, "no ma'am I'm from a nearby factory, were looking for a person by the name of Gizmo? is he around?"

"the only person who works here is me."

He looked devastated, "but i was told to go fetch Gizmo from father he had an accident in the factory."

My eyes flickered over him, "and?"

The body shifted on his feet, "ma'am please my pa..."

I tisked, "My name is Gizmo, but no factory worker can afford my help."

"B-but he told me you would help because you owe him a favor?"

"Do I now?"

He nodded, "Something about an industrial furnace?"

Realization dawned upon me, "Ah! why didn't you say you were old Thomson's boy?" I beckoned him to follow me to the back of the shop, "What appears to be the problem?"

"his hand..all the bones were crushed in the machinery?"

I pulled the lever on the wall, doorway opening to an iron staircase.

He was smart enough to know to follow me down. "Just the hand or the wrist too?"

"Wrist too all the way up to the elbow the recon ma'am...if pa can't work then ma will have to and she's sickly you see she-"

I waved him off, "I get the picture boy. Can they bring your father here or no?"

"His arm is still stuck in the machine."

I sighed, work outside the lab was dreadful. "very well. take this." I shoved a toolbox into his hand and shuffled through copper wires and metal bits, picking up what I needed. "well on you go now, lead the way."


"everyone out, shoo, go away I don't work with an audience, go."

The room slowly cleared and I looked to the crushed limb.

"Lovely job there Mr Thomson."

The man grunted in pain.

"It will be a crude one but easy enough to work with once your used to it."

He nodded, sweat pouring of him in rivets.

"I'll be amputating the limb now."

I flipped on my goggles on and pulled out my saw, my portable welding tools, a few wrenches and a whole lot of prototype parts.

He moaned in pain as I prodded at his skin, tying it off just after when I would make the amputation.

Almost as a second though i picked an apron from the floor and pulled it on. Bloodstains were a pain to get out.


I didn't wait for an answer I began to work.


"Ma'am...what is that?"

The dirty boy prided at his fathers bandages.

"Its a hand and a good part of an arm."

He looked up at me, "but its made of metal, what do you do with a metal hand?"

I pursed my lips, "you cover it with a glove and live your life like it doesn't exist. and you tell no one that it exists where it came from or who made it. Its nearing morning and I haven't a wink of sleep consider that favor I owe your pa repaid."

The man groaned in his sleep.

I rolled my eyes, "oh shut it I gave you enough drugs to make you see fairies, your fine."

the crude fingers on his new hand twitched.

At least the muscles connected right.

His sone stared in shock, "it moved."

I began packing up, "hands tend to do that."

"But its metal!"

Shutting my bag, I tipped my had at the young child, "when he wakes up make sure he practices lifting things and daily chores often. if he has any pain, you clearly know where to find me otherwise be a dear and don't come knocking."

I walked out the door and down the street.

The factory can clean up the mess themselves.


A/N: how do we feel about Gizmo? I think she's going to make quite the character. XD

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