Chapter Fourteen-Part Two ~Travis~

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Sanders stands and places his hand on my shoulder, trying to calm me. I push Leroy back in his chair and head out the door. Sanders is right behind me, and he pulls the door shut as we exit the room into the hallway. I immediately begin pacing.

"What's up, man?" Sanders inquires, visibly concerned by my outburst inside.

"The shooter. It's Maddie," my voice just above a whisper so no one hears me. I look to Sanders and his eyes go wide.

"You sure man?" He replies.

"I'm fucking sure." I stop pacing and continue, "The shirt he described the shooter wearing. That's my old track shirt. Our school's mascot is a Trojan warrior. The shirt was brick red with black writing, just like he described." My fists clench and unclench at my sides, as I try to get a grip on the rage I feel fighting its way to the surface. Looking Sanders directly in the eyes, I continue, "What are the chances another girl would be wearing the same exact fucking shirt?" I begin to pace again, "Plus, the physical description, it's a match for Maddie."

"Oh shit man, damn. Okay," he responds as he glides his fingers through his hair, knowing this info is a game changer.

"He's fucking lying," I seethe, as I come to a standstill and look at Sanders again. "Maddie would never shoot anyone, let alone shoot someone so she could steal from them. She would only shoot if she felt threatened in some way."

I force myself to take deep breaths as I fully comprehend what it is I've just said. He may have hurt Maddie or threatened to hurt her in some way. That's why she shot him, and I'll fucking kill him.

Sanders quickly gauges my anger and takes a step towards me. "Look man, why don't you let me handle the rest of the question-"

"No." I interrupt him abruptly, holding my hand out in front of me. "No. I need to handle this. I just need a minute." I turn and walk towards the water fountain located a few feet away. I lean forward, pushing on the metal bar and begin to slowly sip the lukewarm water, as I force myself to calm.

I rise back up, taking deep breaths in and out, in and out, as my hands grip the sides of the fountain. I tell myself that I need to be on my "A" game. The information I'm finding out today, could very well be the break I need to help me find Maddie and the first I've had since joining the Militia nine months ago. I can't risk fucking this up. I take more deep breaths in and out, and when I finally feel back in control, I turn and head back towards Sanders, who's leaning against the conference room door.

"You alright Man?" he asks, understandably concerned.

"I'm alright now. Let's do this." Determined to get to some answers and resolved to stay here until we get the truth, I enter the room behind Sanders. We both take our seats across from this piece of shit. He's nervously biting on his thumb nail, clearly on edge from our little exchange before I left the room.


"The male...what was he wearing?" I ask as I lean back, biting the tip of my pen.

"Uhhh, he had on a plain, white t-shirt and black jeans," he responds, his voice shaky.

"Any visible tattoos?" I ask.

He looks in my eyes, but quickly looks away and responds, "Yeah, he had some on his arms. Don't know what they were."

"Okay, now that we have the shooter and the male's description, how about you begin again from when the blonde starts talking to you and go from there?"

Leroy sighs, reaches for his cup and begins, "The blonde comes up to me when I'm checking my tire and starts talkin' to me." He takes a sip of water and continues, "She was being coy. Askin' me about my truck, just like I already told you," he says annoyed, cringing from what I assume to be pain as he grabs the side of his leg.

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