Chapter Seven: Worrying Concerns

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"So what can I do for you both?" Jacob asked looking between Gabriela and her friend, he still wasn't entirely sure why they had come here to see him; he had never expected to see Gabriela again. 

It had been years since Jacob had seen Gabriela and he guessed it must be important for her to come all the way across the country to see him; he leant against the counter a little curious about all of this. 

"It's sort of hard to explain," Gabriela mumbled ignoring the looks that she was getting from Jacob's girlfriend, she had no idea what Nessie's problem was but she doubted it would get better when she told them what had happened. 

Nessie stared at Gabriela, she didn't like the fact that the other woman had shown up to speak with Jacob; she crossed her arms and hoped that she wasn't planning on staying long. 

"I was meant to get married last week," Gabriela revealed carefully, she ignored the look of distain that Nessie had on her face and she honestly didn't know what the other woman's problem was. 

Emma messed with her nails, she was glad that they were here to sort all of this out and she hoped that they wouldn't have to waste a lot of time here when there was a wedding to reorganise after what had happened. 

"However during my ceremony there was an earthquake," Gabriela mumbled awkwardly, she honestly had no idea if Jacob would even believe her but she needed to sort all of this out if she wanted to marry Daniel. 

Jacob nodded his head, he wasn't sure what to make of what he was being told; he couldn't imagine what an earthquake had to do with her being in his home. 

"It sort of turns out... we are somehow bonded together by the spirits," Gabriela mumbled trying to get this over with, she was sure that it was going to take some convincing to get him to believe her. 

There was silence in the room for a moment as Gabriela's words sank in, no one was sure what to say especially since her words changed a lot for Jacob and Nessie; they both were meant to be imprinted to one another.

"And who told you that?" Nessie spat knowing that there was no way that Jacob could be connected to this woman when he was her imprint; she didn't want to believe that this was all a lie. 

Jacob was the only one that seemed to treat Nessie like her opinions mattered and he was always there for her when things with her overbearing father became too much. 

The last thing that Nessie wanted was to lose Jacob, she couldn't imagine what her family would do and she knew they would try and push her toward Nahuel if things changed more between her and Jacob in anyway.

"A Shaman," Gabriela revealed looking at Nessie, she was a little surprised at how rude the other woman was being especially when she hadn't actually done anything wrong. 

It wasn't like she had come all the way here to steal Jacob away, Gabriela had only come because she felt like she had no other choice especially if she wanted to marry Daniel. 

"You can get a second opinion if you'd like," Gabriela murmured sure that La Push would have a Shaman that they could speak with, she doubted that they would say anything different than the one in California had said to them. 

Jacob nodded his head and knew that speaking with Lilliana couldn't hurt, he was sure that she would be able to clear all this up; there was no way that he could be bond to Gabriela when Nessie was his imprint. 

Looking at Jacob wondering what was going to happen, Nessie couldn't help but hope that this was some mistake; she couldn't imagine what she would do if she lost him.


"What are you going to do?" Nessie asked once Gabriela and her friend had left, she didn't like any of this and she wanted to know just what Jacob planned to do with the information that Gabriela had given them. 

It worried her greatly that someone else could have a claim to Jacob, Nessie had heard all about how he had once loved her mother but that mattered little to her since he loved her now. 

Bella had once used this as a reason that Nessie should avoid Jacob, she claimed that she hadn't wanted her daughter to get hurt but Nessie could see it was just a way to try and get Jacob to herself again. 

It had been the reason that the Cullens had moved away from Forks and made Jacob stay behind, they had wanted to put some distance between Jacob and Nessie before someone got hurt. 

"I'm gonna make an appointment to speak Lilliana tomorrow," Jacob replied leaning against the counter, he watched Nessie knowing that she was worried and he doubted that she had any reason to be. 

Jacob had very little interest in starting anything with Gabriela and he was sure she felt the same; they would get rid of any bond between them before moving on with their lives. 

"I'm worried," Nessie whispered stepping closer to Jacob, she wrapped her arms around him knowing that things were going to change; the last thing she wanted was for her family to be proven right. 

Nessie hadn't entirely been honest with Jacob, she had tried to deny that there was anything going on with Nahuel but the longer that she was away from him the stronger the pull to see him was. 

Carlisle had tried to explain to her that this was the mating pull but Nessie had refused to listen; Jacob was her soulmate and she wasn't going to let anything come between them. 

The fact that someone else had shown up claiming to have a connection to him only made Nessie want to fight more; she loved Jacob and the last thing that she wanted was to lose him.

"It's going to be fine... besides Gabby is engaged, she'll be going back to her fiancé once all this is sorted out," Jacob murmured trying to reassure Nessie, he held her close wishing that he knew what to make of all of this. 

It had been a long time since Jacob had seen Gabriela and he knew that she wouldn't have made the trip to La Push unless it was necessary; he wanted nothing more than to make sure that things were going to work out okay. 

The sound of Nessie's mobile ringing made the couple pull apart, they sighed knowing that it could only be her family and Jacob hated that they still tried to get between them because of his imprint. 

There was something very clearly going on between Nessie and her family and Jacob wished that she would tell him what it was; he hated being kept in the dark all the time. 

"It's Alice. I should see what she wants," Nessie mumbled checking her phone, she doubted that her aunt could have seen what was happening and it could only be about the fact that she was avoiding Nahuel. 

Jacob nodded his head letting Nessie go so that she could speak with Alice, he turned his attention to phoning Lilliana so that they could get an appointment. 

Hurrying out of the kitchen, Nessie looked at her phone wondering why they couldn't just leave her alone; she wanted to be with Jacob and wished they could accept that.

"I am not coming home Alice..." Nessie spat answering the phone, she hated that they were trying to bring her home just so that she could spend more time with Nahuel. 

It hurt that no one seemed to care what she thought and Nessie could only hope that now that Gabriela had shown up that she wasn't forced to deal with more family problems. 

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