Chapter 15: I'm an Idiot!

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September 30th 2015

I grab the keys to my car and rush out the door. It's late but I don't care- Noah's been there for me lately the least I can do is help him from whatever mess he is in now. The thing that scares me most was his voice, it had lost its light, smooth, usually calm tone and instead was rough and breaking. As if he was on the verge of tears. If that douche Damian hurt him : I will kill him.

I don't know how many speed limits I broke but I made it to Noah's house within ten minutes. I run to the front door, but it's locked. I call for Noah multiple times but he's not answering- which is weird- he always responds to me. I ring the doorbell- no answer. But I swear I hear an agonising moan. I scramble around looking for a spare key but can't find one. I notice a kitchen window slightly ajar, I pry it open with my fingers. Then hoist myself up and into the window. I start to maneuver into the kitchen. Then I land but first into the sink, I will myself up and out of it. I'm running across the bottom floor, then I see a spray of broken fragmented glass, then a series of blood stains. I continue to run only to find a limp body sprawled on the living room floor. I scream" Noah!"

I lunge for him; seeing he's still breathing I feel myself calm slightly. I move him into a more comfortable position. "I'm calling for an ambulance Noah," I say, as I begin to unlock my phone.
"No, no I don't want their help! I can't get their help! Please don't, I'm trusting you!" He begs repeatedly.
"....Fine... Noah. What do you want me to do?" I finally accept.
"Please, please get me out of here. Can you take me to your house? Please" he practically moans, it's evident the he's in so much pain. I feel so bad for him- who could do this to him?
"I'm going to lean you against me and we are slowly going to come to my car"
It feels like it took hours to get him to the back seat of my car. He spent the entire time constantly whimpering, he just kept biting down in his lower lip to avoid crying out in pain. His whole body was caked in dry blood, I couldn't tell apart where he was actually hurt or where it was just blood smeared. If I'm honest I'm not sure there's anywhere he's not hurt.
"It looks a lot worst then it is," he assured me as we finally manage to lie him down across the back seat.
"Sure it is," I mumble then begin the drive to my house- this time very conscious of any bumps or jerks that could potentially increase the pain of my partner.

After an agonising twenty minutes of me manoeuvring the car with the least amount of sudden impact, we arrive at my house. I turn around in my seat. "You have to tell me what happened-all of it."
"I will, I will," he agrees a little too quickly.
"Noah, I'm serious. You have to trust me with the truth."
"Fine , I'll tell you, but can we go inside? My legs are hurting being pressed against this seat."
"Of course."

It takes about ten minutes before we enter my house. We spent five minutes just trying to get him out the car. Then walking up the driveway was just awful-I carried almost all his weight leaned against me- in what probably looked like the weirdest cuddle. He lost stability in his legs, so he just fell against me. So I propped him against the wall for a few minutes. Me looming above him, pinning his body against the wall, just to keep his body up. Finally once he regained control enough we wobbled up into my house and headed to my room. For some reason, I think he felt guilty of me carrying him, so he succumbed the pain, and finally we made it to my room quite quickly in comparison. I Laid him on my bed and turned on the light. I'm standing above him now, just looking at him in awe, He is so much worst then I thought. He finally drifts off to a sleep, he must be exhausted after taking whatever this was. I'll wash him up, and see the damage whilst he rests.


Chad stroked me up and down as he climbed onto me. "You sure you want to do this?" I ask as he begins to nip at my neck.
"Mhmmm" he responds as he begins to unbutton the top buttons of my shirt. Contrary to popular belief, I don't try to be a slut, I just can't help it if I sleep around- I get bored. Sometimes they aren't loyal to others when they are with me: not my fault. It's yours, for being with a man whore. But I actually quite like Anisha-chad's girlfriend- so I'm going to try once more and then we will see what stops.
"What about Anisha? You've guys have been going strong." Chad momentarily pulls away, as if finally considering the position we were in. But as he looks at me, something switched, and his mouth found mine once more. This wasn't love - this was lust at its finest. He angrily possess my mouth and something about what Damian said fills my mind. The boy's waiting, actually waiting. No, I'm not in love with him- I know he's gay- even if he doesn't. But he's like a brother to me, and well I want him to be happy. Maybe there's some truth in what he says- maybe one day this will mean something to me. Just as Chad's fingers found my ass from under my skirt, my window lights up. Urgh, I should probably close that before the neighbors start talking. I roughly push Chad off of me and he groans.

As I walk to the window, I notice it's Kate car pulling in- ooh what is she doing at this time of night. I peer out as she exits her car; however, instead of heading to her house she goes to the backseat of the car. She climbs in.

What is she doing In there? It's been like five minutes, I know because Chad keeps complaining that I'm ruining the mood using the clock as evidence."chad just shut up and let me watch, okay? I want to finally find out the dirt on little miss perfect princess over there"
"fine, let's see what she's doing" he replies finally getting off of my bed. He joins me at the window, standing right behind me. He leans in pressing his groin against my backside but I pretend to take no notice. "Finally!" I exclaim. She's leaving the car. "Omg! Who the fuck is she with?" I scream. she is finally leaving the car but with a guy pressed to her hip. I pull out my mobile to use the camera phone to zoom in on them. I snap a few pics, of them. "Is that Noah?" Chad asks finally interested in all of this.
"Omg! It is. But he went on that date- not date thing with Damian today..." I say utterly confused. I look up to see Kate grab Noah by the collar and push him against the wall. She is all over him in seconds. "Wow, they couldn't even wait to get in" Chad amuses. I snap a few pics more of Kate leaning in on Noah- that's it - these are going on my Snapchat story. By the morning the whole school will now little miss perfect has a dark side- sneaking her boy in at the dead of the night. I upload them immediately.

"Did Damian really go on a date with Noah today?" Chad asks suddenly concerned. He must be worried that Damian will be upset, in his eyes Damian's never dated anyone from school. So Noah's a big risk he's taking.
"Yeah, he did!" I suddenly realize, this probably was not the best way of telling Damian. But there's no point trying to change my story now. He might have seen it already or someone at school. Everyone will know by Monday. Dang it, what sort of sister am I if I don't think of my brothers feelings before I make decisions? A crap one, Jaxon would confirm that.


I still can't unwind. I've been tossing and turning for hours. So I'm now playing on my phone, going through my different social media apps. Ooh, I just got a notification that Lexi has updated her story- probably about some Wild party she went to tonight. I click on it and instead I see a series of pictures that show Noah walking with Kate to her house, making out with Kate, then the light in her room turns on and she's above him.

It finally clicks, he hasn't replied because he doesn't care. He's just been waiting to get with Kate the entire night. Screw it being something about me: he just wants her. God, he didn't even have the decency to be honest; he just wanted to get home to have sex.

Wow, he must think I'm such a dork. I admit that I'm a virgin, then I spend the entire night trying to impress him, and finally it takes all of me to build up the courage to peck him on the cheek. When he so obviously doesn't want me- just his little girlfriend.

I know how much Kate hates all of us jocks and cheerleaders- I bet the two of them just laugh at us. No: better yet, I bet they had conspired that he become close with me so he can learn more of my dumb secrets. I don't know why I trusted him. I just don't get it- I never let my guard down but I did with him. Only to find out it was all a lie. The whole school's going to know the worst about me by Monday; whilst he'll be the only guy to ever score Kate Casas.

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