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She lay her body directly on top of mine, and I wrapped my arms around her. Our breathing became syncronised. My mind remained blank.


She was poison.

Like the dirty blood running through my veins, that kept my blood pumping. She was contaminated yet I still needed her. I’d tried to resist what my soul, my heart and body needed but I couldn’t.

She was poison which twisted in my veins like a constant reminder that she was no good for me but somehow my compulsion left me craving her.


“The transaction’s been made so I guess we’re done here.” The tall causacian gentlemen stood up and so did I and we shook hands. I straightened the front of the jacket of my Italian suit and made eye contact with Rohan who got the message and picked up the briefcase.

“It’s been nice to doing business with you, I’m so glad things went smoothly. Hope to hear from you soon.”

“It’s been a pleasure.” I nodded then winked. As cool as a cucumber, that’s how I always stayed. I was in my element, this was what I was born to do. Whether under pressure, in a sticky situation or in haste, I always wore a smile upon my face. After a few more pleasantries, I exited the vicinity with Rohan closely behind me. 

As soon as he opened the doors of my BMW I hopped in the passenger’s seat, threw my jacket into the back, let out a deep sigh and then yawned as I reclined my chair back.

“Ahhh, what a night!” Rohan chuckled reversing out of the parking space.

“You’re telling me…family, I need to get home and sleep mate.”

“Whatever you say master.” He replied, saluting me.


Just over half an hour later we were parked outside my family home.

“Bring my car back tomorrow, n*gga.”

“Whatever b*tch.” Rohan stucked his tongue out at me as though we were 10 years old boys again.  I rolled my eyes, threw my jacket over my shoulder and slammed the car door shut.

“And don’t take that home either, straight to my office and in the safe. Cool?”

“Arrr, yeah man whatever. Now f*ck off into your house before you get robbed of your sh*t.” He cackled.

I just shook my head while smiling and gave him my middle finger.

“Be safe yeah, night.”

“Yeah, yeah. Be safe…”


I strolled up my pathway and opened the door to my house. It was quiet and mostly dark downstairs so I knew Jeyda and Jeremiah were asleep and I assumed Jennifer was too. I walked up the stairs lazily, popped into Jeremiah’s room and kissed him on the head, I did the same to Jeyda making sure her duvet was covering her body properly. They were my world. My whole world.

I closed Jeyda’s door gently and heard a tap running and saw that the bathroom door was slyly ajar.

“J, you in there?”

I received no response.

I walked into the bathroom and was left utterly speechless.