How To Help Your Community

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copyright 2015 Chris Smith  All rights reserved.

1. Donate non-perishable food items or money to your local shelters and food pantries.

2. Call your local charities and assistance organizations to find out what their needs are (food, clothing, volunteers, money, etc.).

3. Donate to your local animal shelters. Call them to find out what their specific needs are.

4. Shop and buy local, from your clothing, to your food, to your produce, to your entertainment, etc. This helps your local economy by supporting it and keeping those dollars (i.e. jobs) locally.

Example: When you go to the grocery store, talk to personnel in Produce and find out what produce is grown locally. Or instead of buying your produce at the grocery store, buy from your local Farmer's Markets.

5. Sign up for a local Agriculture produce program, if available in your area, or simply buy from local farms to help support them directly. You may also be able to buy dairy, eggs, and certain meat products through local farms as well (health restrictions may vary by county, state and country).

6. Donate your items to local charity organizations instead of having a garage sale.

7. Volunteer your time and/or experience at a local charity.

8. Be kind to everyone you come across, from the cashier at the gas station, to the grocery clerk to the bank teller to the woman standing next to you in line because you never know what people are dealing with.

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