What I Learned

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1. The human body can only take so much stress before it starts to break down, one way or another. Give yourself relaxation moments if you're having a hard time. Allow for that extra time during stressful days, months, and years. Allow yourself to take breaks, during the shit storms of life.

2. You aren't the sum of your stuff or your home or your bank account. Make a list of all the things you have accomplished, all the challenges you have overcome, and what you've learned. Have the list ready to re-read during the moments you doubt yourself. Oh, and by the way, don't ever allow yourself to doubt the greatness that lies inside of you!

3. You aren't your failures or weaknesses either. Don't ever allow yourself or anyone else to demean your self-worth or potential.

4. Be kind and love yourself. Do positive things every day, even if they're small, that you enjoy, that helps you get into that joyful spirit.

5. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with the people that love you. Communicate when you're having a tough time, and allow them to be supportive. If they really love and care about you, they won't think less of you because you're going through a rough period in your life. And they certainly won't love you less if you lose your home, your money, or all your material possessions. If they do, then that's not love.

6. Sometimes people aren't going to fit in your life anymore. It's not anyone's fault. Kindly let them go. Find people who will be there for you. Find people who fit with you, who help lift you to new heights of understanding. Find people who love you for you.

7. You are the only person who knows, in your soul, what your true potential is (well and God/universal energy if you believe in him/them). Don't ever give your power away to someone else by having them tell you who you are, and what you can or can't do, especially when they tell you "It Can't Be Done".

8. Some days, are shit, plain and simple. It takes time to move beyond hard times. Allow yourself to have emotional breakdowns and let the emotions out. I love the scene from the movie "Broadcast News" where Holly Hunter's character has a routine every morning. She arrives at the office early in the morning before anyone else is there, she takes her phone off the hook and cries uncontrollably for several minutes. Then she dries up her tears, puts the phone back on the hook, and starts her day. Just because you have an emotional breakdown, doesn't mean you're a weak person. Emotions are part of life. Don't stop moving towards your Dreams, even if you have to cry every step of the way. Don't ever stop moving.

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