Chapter Ten» Midnight Stories

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An eerie silence fell upon the room as I stared skeptical at Omars burning form; laying on the bed as beads of sweats formed on his forehead.

The incoherent mumbling escaped his lips echoed all around. His bulky arms gripping against the bed sheets. As though he was in a horrifying nightmare. Unable to wake up from it.

The groaning seemed to get louder; making me shift uncomfortably not knowing what to do.

" Omar shh please" I whispered beside him. Daring to place my hand against his burning forehead. Seeing him furrow his eyebrows. A long deafening silence fell on us as the large man beside me fell in and out of consciousness. His voice hoarse.

I didn't know what to say to him as he lay there, completely helpless; for the first time ever I stared speechless not knowing what to do, except look.

"Please.. Come back - please. Not gonna sign it " he whispered horsley his eyes closed tightly. Slowly shaking  his head muttering something under his breath.  Swallowing down, I could see his Adam apple move against the action. Leaving him in cold shivers.

All I could do was stare. Helpless at him hearing the  door suddenly open.  Mariam came scurrying inside with a damp cloth in her hands and a water bottle in the other hand. Her worried face couldn't be concealed as  she ushered me forward. Her voice soft.

" Naina here.. Quick place this on his forehead and remove those blankets off him " she spoke in a hushed tone pointing at the blanket on his form.

I nodded hesitantly getting up from the bed and removing the heavy blankets off him. Tossing it to the side I could see him shiver  against the impact his eyes slowly opening. The dark of his eyes landed on my Hazel ones in question. In fear.

Turning his head towards my side. His dark raven hair rested against the pillow. As he remained speechless. His face sweaty. His eyes closed tightly allowing his long eyelashes to touch his skin.

"Place this on his head from time to time and rinse it from the bathroom " she whispered pointing to the white door next to a large closet making me look at it. Realising now it was a bathroom.

" I have to retire to my room Naina I'll see you in the morning. If you need anything shout for me  " The tired house keeper spoke making a small smile take over my features. Reaching forward I held her fragile hand in mine. Reassuring and thanking her.

" Thank you" I whispered seeing her nod. A kind smile on her face.Walking towards Omars side and placing the damp cloth on his forehead. I  heard the door close behind me. Making me inhale sharply.

Taking a seat next to his laying form.  I finally got the time to truly look around his room and the simplicity yet intimidating look of it left me in awe.

As  soon as you come in to the room you'll find yourself looking at the large bed on your right against the wall and besides the bed is a small black couch. Looking straight from the bed you'll find yourself gazing at the large window; which was covered by black blinds and next to the window on the left is a large walk in closet with two small thin doors;  attached to it. Next to the closet is the bathroom I have yet to see.

On the right is a large black wardrobe attached to the wall that held the magnificent mirrors showing you the entire room view, from the bed towards the main door.

I must admit I was absolutely in love with this room. It was simple yet unique and mysterious - a little like those of his behaviour if I have to be honest. 

I was suddenly interrupted out of my thoughts as Omar face turned towards me his dark eyes staring at me; but somehow this time it didn't hold a cold dark look. This time it held a vulnerable look. A look a young child would  give to his mother when scared.

"My head hurts " he whispered softly making me nod biting my lip from the sudden attention. Feeling nervous,  I slowly shuffled next to him placing my fingers on his forehead. Slowly massaging them against his skin and making my upwards towards his soft silky black hair.

I could feel my fingers rake through them. Feeling them dance around in ease. Without thinking I felt my hands cup against his cheeks; my finger brushing across the scar on his left eyebrow.

" Why are you doing this? " he whispered softly as if in dream state  making me swallow, looking down at him.

  " Because it's the right thing to do " I whispered  quietly as he closed his eyes a low chuckle vibrating off him
" After all I've done? " he spoke shuffling towards me. I could feel my heart thundering in my chest as I nodded  my fingers playing in his hair. A long silence fell on us, as my gaze remained on Omar. Hearing his breathing even.

" After all you've done " I whispered back, finally as he shuffled closely. His head near my knees. Sleep slowly crawled in to me. Sucking all the energy out of me; hearing him speak.

" I like you Nina you're a good person in my dark life a light in a dark tunnel-" he whispered softly and with that I felt darkness taking over me and I embraced it. Welcoming it with open arms.

My head slowly leaned  against the headboard as Omar head lay at  rest on my lap. " Nina? Are you awake?" Whispered a soft voice beside me. Making me nod yet my eyes deceived.

The soft grunting of Omar had me stiffening. My eyes now wide open. I could see him lean against the bed, his arm clutching against the sheets. Covering his body.

" Tell me a story. Any story" he whispered looking up at me. His eyes pleading making my stomach turn. I wasn't used to seeing him so defenceless and weak. He always carried himself with such confidence that one would think, no harm would ever befall on him. Inhaling sharply I looked down, nodding my head.

" In a land, not so far away. A bee was buzzing by. Unfortunately that morning the bee forgot his stings at home and went. He came to Omar's house. The scary man with dark scary eyes whacked him with his shoes. The end. Rest in Peace Bee. You shall never sting horrible men like Omar again"

I muttered lowly hearing a loud chuckle vibrate from him. I could see him lean against his arms again. His eyes landing on mine. The smile never leaving his face.

" You are a horrible storyteller Nina. Poor Bee" he whispered slowly chuckling, making me smile my eyes heavy. A long silence fell on us. Making me want to fall asleep exhausted from today's events.

I could feel Omar's stare on me, making me shift uncomfortably.
" Mhhm. Omar? Please do shut up and stop staring at me. I'll get the bees on you" I mumbled sleepily. My eyes closing hearing the soft chuckle vibrate from him. This man was bipolar. One minute he is angry and the next minute he is laughing.

I thought grinning as my mind raced back to his laughter just before darkness took over me, I heard him speak. His voice barely a whisper.

" You'll be my downfall one day Naina"

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