The Devil In Disguise

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Zelda adjusted her cat ear headband, enchanting them to twitch absentmindedly between the layers of her dark hair. She also affixed a tail to her black jumpsuit, and with a little bit of magic, the tail swished back and forth like a real cat's tail. She laughed when she caught sight of Imogen in the mirror behind her. Her roommate wore a bubblegum pink cropped wig and fake lashes to match.

Imogen popped her hip and held her palms up. "Well? What do you think?" She shifted her weight between her feet and her pink, poofy, crinolined skirt flounced.

"Who are you supposed to be?"

"Nicki Minaj!" Imogen replied as if the answer was obvious.

The image clicked in Zelda's head of the American pop star with an affinity for wigs and the color pink. Imogen completely looked the part. She had even looked up a tutorial on Youtube to contour her face to look more like the singer's.

"Cool tail," Imogen said, giving it a yank.

"Hey!" Zelda swatted her hand away.

Ava entered before Zelda could retaliate. She had her blonde curls straightened and pulled back into a ponytail and wore the best Captain Marvel costume Zelda had ever seen.

"Woah," Zelda exclaimed, taking in the form fitting suit.

"Holy spandex, Batman!" Imogen added.

Ava's cheeks flushed. "Halloween is a really big deal in New York City. Especially in the village."

"No kidding," Imogen said.

Zelda checked the clock on her cellphone. "We should get going. The party is already under way and it's going to take us a while to get to Lord Scarlet's Academy," Zelda said, pushing them towards the door.

"But I don't want to be the first ones there," Imogen objected.

"We won't, but we will want to get there before it's over."

It was a chilly evening in Erimount with clear skies that promised and even colder night. Throwing coats over their costumes, the girls set out to find a streetcar to carry them to Lord Scarlet's. The Academy for tinkers was located right outside the city proper in a massive tudor mansion that backed right up to the mountainside. Zelda wasn't too familiar with the history of the school, but she knew the building was the ancestral home of the noble Scarlet family — the title of Lord and Headmaster being passed from father and son since the days when Olisand was founded.

The trolley car took them right up to the edge of the city before it made its last stop a half mile away from the academy.

"Crap! I knew I shouldn't have worn heels," Imogen bemoaned as they started off down the mountain road towards the party.

"Wings would come in so handy right now," said Ava.

"We could just Poof," Zelda suggested.

The other girls looked at her like she had just sprouted a daisy from the middle of her forehead. Then she remembered professor Weymouth had taught her Poofing for the purpose of getting back to the school when she spent long hours at the castle with Leo.

"Can you poof?" Imogen asked, her brows pushed together in suspicion.

"We aren't supposed to learn that until next term," Ava said.

"Professor Weymouth taught me," Zelda replied without thinking.

"Why?" Ava asked.

Imogen seemed to sense this had something to do with the prince. Her eyes narrowed as if to say, "What aren't you telling me?"

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