My name is Lacey Gordan and I'm not your average teenage girl. Far from it, in fact. I come from a long line of supernatural beings that work under The Society to protect humans and promote peace. To the public eye, we're known as "black ops division X". A top-secret group  that saves the world when terrible peril is occurring. The Society is our home and a safe place where we can find people of our kind. We don't have to worry about being discovered and causing mass panic to spread across the nation. Our population numbers are still fairly small compared to the human race. The society offers us protection for a life time in exchange for our beneficial gifts.

Supernatural beings are born with one special ability that is unique from other members in their family. I, however, am a Polynatural and am an exception to that rule. I have two special abilities rather than one. In the history of supernatural beings, there have only been two families who are Polynatural, Gordan and Smith. I was born with the ability to move objects with my mind and the ability to grow, break, and manipulate bones in my body and others. My mother, on the other hand, is able to transport to any place and create illusions. She was at the top of the rankings in The Society, but now she's gone...She disappeared 10 years ago on her last mission, The Smith Case. The Smith Case goes way back in history, approximately 150 years. Johan Smith was corrupt and used this Polynatural abilities to cause mass destruction and gain power. He nearly destroyed the entire Society. He was not only a threat to the human race but to the safety of all supernatural beings. It took years to bring him down and when his terror finally ended everyone was relieved. However, the death of Johan Smith was not the end. Shortly after, a small child and woman were discovered. During his power rampage Johan and his wife had conceived. There was a huge argument on whether to kill the child and end the Smiths, or to let him live. Keeping him alive was a great threat, but we are not murders. The child was kept alive, but on the condition that someone would be sent to keep a close eye on the child. This created the sector, The Watchers. Generations and generations passed, and none of the Smiths showed any indication of corruption. However, none of them were given the chance to be inducted into The Society either. Even with The Watches pinned on them, people still feared the Smiths and viewed them as a danger to everyone. Even the children were taught to fear the Smiths. I remember my mother telling me as a kid that if stay up past bedtime, Johan Smith's ghost would come seek me for vengeance.

That is one of the few memories I have of my mother before she disappeared. She was put on the Smith Case as an easy side job. Her target was Parker Smith. It went along fine for years, but then on his 7th birthday she disappeared. A massive search crew was sent out to find her, but they came back with nothing. Absolutely nothing....I ended up being adopted into the care of The Society for I had no father. My mother told me he left us before I was even born. She never spoke about him but there was always a certain sadness in her eyes whenever I brought him up. There weren't even pictures of him in the house. I actually don't even know his name...

Over the course of 10 years, 3 more watchers were put on Parker Smith. All three of them disappeared as well with no trace left behind. The Society was starting to get very worried. Smith Case. Smith Case. Smith Case. That's all I thought about as I trained extensively day and night. I completed countless dangerous missions and finally made it to the Top 20 bulletin board. It was feat never achieved by anyone so young before. It was an honor to be on that board. It signified your intelligence, bravery, and raw talent. After a few years of maintaining my pristine status on the Top 20 board, I was finally assigned to the case that I had worked all those years for. I was assigned The Smith Case.

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