Chapter one

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Emily's POV

"EMILY ARE YOU AWAKE YET?" My dad shouted up the stairs. It was the summer holidays, why could he not let me sleep. I stood up from my bed and walked into the hallway, "WHY?" I shouted back down.

I finally found out I had a job, it was babysitting the neighbors kids. I knew their eldest son, his name was Jack. He was a complete fuckboy.

I walked back upstairs and got ready for the day. I had to be over at their house in ten minutes so I had to hurry. I grabbed my phone and ran downstairs, quickly shouting a goodbye to my dad. I walked over to their house, loud screams were heard from inside and what sounded like giggling, I knocked on the door three times before hearing a woman's voice shout "JACK OPEN THE DOOR!"

The door opened by a pissed off looking Jack. "Are you coming in or just standing there like I idiot?" He asked tapping His foot impatiently. I scoffed and he stepped aside. I took a step into his house, followed by another, then another until I was standing in front of his mom.

"Hi you must be the babysitter, Emily. I should be home around seven thirty, if not don't worry. The baby's have to be in bed by five, their food is in the fridge and there's some money on the counter. Jack don't be a ass, if Emily needs help, help her. You know where all their stuff is. Goodbye."

with that she was gone out the door. "My friends should be over soon, don't get in the way,"

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