Dumbledore's Heir

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I am... I don't remember who I am, but people call me Black, I have snowy whitish blondish colored hair and I have blue eyes with black specks. I am twelve and I am a witch. I have known about magic since forever, it is the only thing that I haven't really forgotten.

I remember one day I went to the library and found a book of spells and I really wishing to do magic, practiced it. But what was strange I knew all this stuff and it actually worked. I didn't know how but I never really second guessed it when I found it.

I was living on the streets and people treating me bad my eyes are dull and my hair lifeless.

Another strange thing about me is that I have some weird dreams about three kids around my age. Every night I would have a dream about them. They go to Hogwarts and their names are Harry, Hermione, and Ron. I was more connected to the character Harry , I felt for him. He went through a lot.

I felt sorry for him. He really looked up to a man who I also noticed that he kind of looked like me he was known as Dumbledore and went to this magical school known as Hogwarts. It was a strange name for a school. I once told someone about it and they called me a nut. They stayed farther away from me then. Though to be fair no one wanted to be near me, ever.

The one thing that I couldn't stop thinking about was If Hogwarts is real why haven't I ever received my letter?


Little taste right 'ere


So yeah....

If you like.... please......

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{Feb 11, 2016}
To past readers or future readers this story was done long ago (2014ish) and I've decided to update it a wee bit. Make some corrections maybe add a few snippets here and there.
Well if you're new, you wouldn't really know the differences. But welcome anyways!
I was really surprised on how many views this story got. I just posted the story for fun, never expecting many people to read it. I thank you for showing Ariana and the story love.
Potter On!
-Sapeda ^~^

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