T H R E E- Held In The Coffee Shop

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"Boss, are you sure you want to do this here?" Sam asks looking at the coffee shop in front of us in confusion, his moving back to scratch his neck.

"Yes the owner of this little cafe owed me a lot of money and when I came to get it, he was gone and he had taken a lot of my merchandise with him. That product was going to be the start of something big so now I'm going to end it." Moving the gun on my back, I make sure it's hidden so civilians don't call the cops before the job is done.

Not that it would matter.

Walking inside with my men, we take a seat at one of the large booths since there's five of us and wait for our waiter.

The coffee shop is crowded, many people, different shapes, and sizes enjoying the coffee and dishes, reading the books and magazines that take up the walls. Teenagers sitting on the black spiral stairs talking to one another as they sip at their hot drinks.

Suddenly a figure is in front of our table making me look up at probably the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Her light brown eyes take in my face and the others for a moment her face blank of emotion. Her long legs cause her to reach the table quickly, her hair swishing against her back.

"Hello gentlemen I'm Nina, welcome to Ninnies, what can I get you today?" She asks the question with a small smile on her face. 'Jesus Christ this girl is hot' is all I can think as I take her in.

I train my eyes on the way her breasts push up against the material of her loose button up shirt. Tilting my head slightly I take in her wide hips and full ass covered only in a denim skirt.

Devin and Sam glance over her stunning figure and she takes a pencil out from her bra. I bet she likes it rough. I can imagine her beneath me, my cock pounding deep inside her pussy as she screams my name. Nails digging into my back, lips swollen from mine. Fuck I'm hard.

"Do you guys need more time?" She asks but we all shake our heads all ordering black coffee and she smiles, putting the notebook back in her pocket.

"Great is there anything else I can get you, gentlemen?" She asks leaning over to grab our menus.

"No, we're good," I answer and she glances back at me, her cheeks brightening with color. I see the side glance she gives me makes me want to pull her on my lap and strip her.

"This is a really homey place, who owns it?" Sam asks politely and she smiles proudly.

"My dad owns this place." I connect eyes with Devin and he gives me a look,"It's actually named after me." She looks a little shy, pushing a piece of hair away from her face.

"I'm gonna go get your guys drinks." Nina walks away, her hips swaying and I groaned internally at the sight. I look away trying to control myself.

"Jesus Christ," Devin speaks up and we all smirk knowing we are thinking the same thing. We whisper among ourselves, I tell them the plan and they nod, agreeing with the plan.

Nina comes with our drinks, bending to place them on the table and I glance at her round backside in appreciation.

"Darling do you have a bathroom I could use." Sam asks and she nods,"Upstairs, first door on the right." Sam takes his leave and a couple of minutes later Devin follows. I watch her, seeing her converse with everyone and working hard.

I leave a huge tip, making my way up the stairs when no one is looking my way. Upstairs I go to the door that's open, closing it behind.

"Long time no see, James," I smirk at James who is forced down on his knees, Devin's gun against his head and his eyes widen at the sight of me.

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