That Summer.

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Dear Watty

It's been a while hasn't? As of now I have graduated High School! I never thought I would make it this far. And Oh boy have things changed. All these years. Looking back on it all I-...But I won't get ahead of myself. I need to catch you up on all that has happened, starting with The Summer Before my High School career.

I went to Europe for the month of June. It was so amazing Watty...I met new people and became friends with them and a new crush. I pretend to be a vegetarian just so he we would have something to talk about. I pretty sure he could see through me.

We saw Paris and Italy and Austria and more. I've walk up and down the street of Austria with teenagers who knew all the back roads like the back of their hands. Just to let you know, McDonalds there is nothing like the McDonalds in America. Don't do it. But I’ve rode in a gondola in the water surrounded city of Venice. Walked up the Spanish Steps of Rome. Stepped foot in the Vatican. Been in the RED LIGHT DISTRICT of Paris. (I Thought it was the coolest part for some reason. Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie and the Moulin Rouge building is forever engraved in my mind.) Been to the very top of the Eiffel Tower. And many more things.

The experience was amazing.

I almost had my first kiss with a very hot girl. Unfortunately I backed out because I was concerned about a girl who had thrown up. She was fine and I seem to be regretting that moment even now. She was soooooo hot. Still is. But there I was patting the back of the girl who just up chucked instead. Damn. But that moment had led me to another that, till this day, makes me proud.

I learned how to take off someone’s jeans with my teeth.

I had just been walking around from room to room being bored and nosey until curfew. What I walked in to the people I walked in to them doing wasn't the least bit surprising. Of course they were cool with me joining them. And let me just tell you.

I'm a bit of a pro of taking off someone’s pants with no hands.

But of course like all good things, my trip, came to an end. It all seemed like some kind of dream as I boarded the plane with more friends than I left with. My awkward crush that I couldn't stop eyeing. Taking Benadryl to help me sleep, I shut my eyes as the plane took off. Everything is a little fuzzy after that. 

I remember getting my stuff and boarding the next plane, then meeting my parents, getting in the car and promptly going to sleep. When we got home, I immediately made a facebook to add my new friends and some of my old. 

After all that excitement everything my memories just started blurring together, until I started something that would rule me for the rest of my high school life.

Band Camp.

Sincerely, A Very Excited Smilie Girl :)))))

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