Chapter One

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"Meadow! Get up! It's sunrise let's go!" Screamed a voice. "Coming!" Meadow shouted back.

Meadow crawls out from her hammock, and lands on a branch. Slowly, she starts climbing down her tree. Each person in the Earth Element had their own tree with a hammock.

Meadow walks along the grass, she begins searching for her mother. She spots her. Her mother is using her powers to plant a another tree. Another Earth Elemental has arrived already?

That's the third one this week.

"Morning mom." Meadow greeted walking over to her mother. "Morning sweetie." Replied Queen Nature.

"Dear? Help me with this tree." Queen Nature asked her daughter. Meadow nods her head and, stretches her hands for a few seconds.

Then slowly, Meadow puts out her hands. She lifts up a small pile of dirt and puts it on top of the small branch.

Which will become a larger tree in just a few moments. Next, concentrating even harder, Meadow makes the tree grow faster. Queen Nature stands behind, watching her daughter. She is impressed. At the age of 18 she couldn't do this as fast as Meadow was.

Usually it takes a week for a tree to fully grow. But, with the Earth powers you can grow one in a matter of minutes. With the power training of course.

"There." Meadow takes a deep breath and steps back. "Oh, it's beautiful sweetie! You are doing great! You have definitely gotten more stronger." Queen Nature beamed squeezing her daughters shoulders.

"Thanks mom." Meadow replied.
"Blaze! Stop playing with fire and get over here!" King Flames shouted.

Sighing, Blaze gets up and, struts over to her father. "But, fire is our Element! We need to learn how to control it." Blaze explained.

"Yes, I understand but, you also need to train. Playing with it won't help you control them." King Flames replied.

"Okay, but who will I train with!?" Blaze asked. King Flames, then gestures for a man in the far right corner to come over.

The man dashes over to Blaze and her father. "Yes, your highness?" Asked the man.

"You've mastered fire, haven't you?" King Flames asked.

"Yes sir." Replied the man, his voice shaking.

"Good. I'd like you to teach my daughter a few stuff." King Flames informed the man.

"Of course."

"When do we start?" Blaze requested.

"We can start now." Informed the man.

"Let's go! What's your name?" Asked Blaze.

"It's Phoenix."

Once in the they were in the training room, Phoenix lifted up his arms and made a fire ball roll down from one side of his arm to another.

"No! That's so cool!" Blaze beamed, grinning widely.

"I know!" Phoenix said, "so this is how you do it. First, put your arms out."

Blaze did as she was told, extending her arms out.

"Ok good! Now I want you to make a fire ball on your hand. Can you do that?" Phoenix commanded.

"Yes I can do that." Blaze stated. She concentrated for a moment, then a small fire ball appeared on the palm of her hand. 

"Good! Now concentrate. Let the fire ball roll down your arms. Don't be scared. Just breathe." Informed Phoenix.

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