Prologue: The Elements

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The four elements are well known. But, no one knows that some people can have one of the four element powers. They do and, they are alive.

They all live on the Elemental Planet, a planet where people with one of the four element powers live. Though, they don't live all together. They are separated. Four separated lands. They thought being separated was the best thing.

But was it?

Each element has a powerful sword that contains all the energy and power which keeps their planet alive. It is always protected. Without it, they have no power, or energy.

Earth, is the main element of the four. Earth is ruled by their leader, Queen Nature. She is the oldest of the four siblings.

Yes, all the leaders of the elements are siblings. But, they don't get along that well.

Fire, the second element. Fire is ruled by King Flames. He thinks he should be the leader instead of Nature.

Air, is the next element. Ruled by King Winds. Although King Winds is quiet, he stays on his side and doesn't interfere with the others.

And lastly, Water. The youngest of the siblings, is Queen Waves. She rules the Water element. The Water element is usually the careless, fun side.

Although, the siblings don't see eye to eye. They each have one daughter. Their daughters will be the new leaders one day.

Meadow is the daughter of Nature.
Blaze is the daughter of Flames.
Ariel is the daughter of Winds.
Aqua is the daughter of Waves.

The four daughters have never been together, they we're all born on the same day. They're yet to discover all their powers ability.

But, not all people have powers. Some unfortunate people are born with no powers. They're called, Reglects. If you're born a Reglects, then they don't belong in any element.

Those Reglects are taken Beyond the Bridge. No one knows what happens to them. Some assume that they're killed. Others believe they are just let go, forced to make their own way of life. Some people think it's wrong to throw them out, but, you can't have a Reglects with no powers in any elements.

So there you have it. Almost, everything you need know about The Elements. But it's not over yet. This is just the beginning.

What if the infamous swords suddenly go missing? Who took them? Of course, the Kings and Queens can't go out and, look for them. They have a land to run!

The Kings and Queens know that who ever took the swords definitely went Beyond the Bridge. Warriors won't have a chance of going there, it's far to dangerous. So, what makes the Kings and Queens send out their own daughters?

Since they are the children of the leaders they have more powers. They are far more stronger. And with all four of them together, they could be unstoppable.

It's a big risk, but the longer the swords aren't here and protected, the more weak their lands get.

Can the four daughters work together to find the swords and return home? Or will they go Beyond the Bridge and, never be heard from again?

Read to find out.

Authors Note: Hello everyone! So this is a new book I'm starting! It seems confusing at first but, trust me! It will get better as you continue to read! If not then you can quit on it! Just please at least give it a try! :)

Votes and Comments will be appreciated! Thank You!

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